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How to Build a Capsule Collection



My problem: I’m addicted to shopping. Why? Because things are cute and I can’t seem to resist cute things. Yet when it’s time to go out, it seems as if though I’m always stuck in the ‘I-have-nothing-to-wear’ rut. Who else is guilty of this? Well, I’ve thought long and hard and finally came up with a resolution.

My solution: I will build a capsule collection consists of only my core staple pieces. This method is great because not only does it simplify my decision-making process, it is also an amazing way to mix n’ match the old and the new!

Click ‘Read More’ to see my entire capsule collection and learn how to build your own!

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Here are 10 key pieces for any capsule collection:

CAPSULE-3-2 1. Bodysuit – Great under layer and you can tuck it with other bottoms. Tip: Find one with a simple style


2. Button down shirt – Sophisticated, put together, and it goes with almost any bottoms


3. Skirt – Find something that will flatter your body type


4. Jeans – A comfortable pair is a must! Preferably one with a good stretch, classic wash, and makes your bum look amazing!


5.  Jacket – I suggest to have at least 2 – one for daytime and one for work or evening. I like a parka for daytime and/or trench for meetings/professional settings


6. Dress – Some people say it’s important to have a LBD (little black dress) in your closet. For me, it’s better to find a dress that flatters your skin tone and figure. So focus less on following the norms and go with a timeless dress that make you feel comfortable and confident


7. Purse – I like to have shoulder strap for daytime and a go to clutch for my evening looks


8. Shoes – These must be practical so invest in a good pair that support your posture and feet. Flats and high heels can be super uncomfortable if it doesn’t fit right so shop wisely. I like to have 1 reliable pair of flats and high heels that I can walk in for hours


9. Sweater – My hero piece throughout the year. It’s a perfect pairing for spring outfits as well as a good cover up for those chilly summer and fall nights. Find one that is fitting for changing seasons! (Also, this varies for everyone) Here in California, we are blessed with amazing weather so typically a light sweater will do

CAPSULE-3-13 copy

10. Sunglasses – Functional for sun glare, perfect for any ocassion, and these are great statement accessories

Hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of my own capsule collection. I would love to know what your statement essentials are so comment below! 🙂



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