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Do you have a piece of old dingy furniture that needs a little bit of a makeover? If you do, I wanted to show you a unique way to turn that old wooden desk into a fabulous mirrored furniture that will give your home an even more modernized look. While it’s easy to to beat it with fresh coats of spray paint, I added an extra element to this project—mirrored glass. Yes, this DIY project will require some time but the results are totally worth it.

If you want to see how you can spruce things up, continue to read more!


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Piece of old furniture – I recommend furniture with flat surfaces. Suggestions: Table top, desk, bedside table


Mirror specific adhesive – Prevents the glue from bleeding through the mirrors. If the glue dries, you can see through it. It also adheres better for the surface that you’re working with. 


Mirrored glass – I do recommend subtracting an 1/8 of an inch from your measurements to account for changes in dimensions of the wood. To be safe, take your measurements twice since you only have one chance to cut the mirror.

Instead of cutting the glass myself, I ended up taking my measurements to a local glass shop to have the glass cut and edges polished by a professional. Do not go to a local hardware shop because they will not polish the edges for you. 


Spray paint – Color of your choice. For this piece, I used a silver chrome spray paint—the higher the gloss, the easier it is for you to clean.


Knobs – Depending on the style that you’re going for.



First, wipe down the surfaces of your furniture to get rid of all the dust before you start painting. If you are working with a colored piece of furniture, you will need to sand it down and prime it with a white primer.


After, mask off any surfaces that you don’t want to paint with tape (ie. knobs, drawers).


Take your can of spray paint and shake it well before use.  Then paint by spraying long even coats onto the furniture and let it dry completely. You will most likely need to go over it with a second coat but wait for the first one to dry first. You will then need to let the paint dry for at least a day or so.

While waiting for everything to dry, measure the dimensions of the pieces that you want to cover up with the mirror and take it to a glass shop for it to be cut by a professional.

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After your glass is cut, wipe down the backside with a damp cloth. With a mirror specific adhesive, create swiggly lines to the back of the mirror then attach the glass to your furniture.


While waiting for the glue to dry, place an object on top of the glass to keep it in place. I used a piece of cut wood but you can also tape or clamp the glass down. Let it set for at least 48 hours.

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If you need to glue any knobs to your furniture, you can use e6000 to attach them to the front surface of the glass. If you want to have more secured knobs, you can use a special glass drill to insert them in properly. Allow for the glue to dry for at least 24 hours.

Finally, wipe down the glass with windex and give the desk your own personal touch by redecorating it!

This was a great, affordable way to turn an outdated desk of mine into a reusable glamorous piece that I can place in my home. While the drying process does take some time, it is a rather simple project and the cost is a fraction of what you’d have to spend in stores.

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