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Homemade Beauty Brush Cleaning Hacks




Hey Lovelies! I’ve been playing around with different ways to clean my makeup brushes.  In fact I have been using the blue Cinema Secret brush cleaner for a very long time now.  It cleans my brushes very well compared to other brush cleaner, soap and water BUT  it is full of harsh chemicals.  I wanted clean brushes but also something natural.  I saw many variations of this natural brush cleaner and decided to make my own version using some of the natural ingredients I love. After making this I saw instant results…. this brush soap is AHHH-Mazing!!! I instantly see all the makeup (been collecting on my brushes for months) melt off.  With these easy homemade DIYs you too can have super clean brushes!  Let’s get started after the break!



Pure-Castile soap I love this because it’s all natural and bio degradable (helps the environment)

Tea Tree OilHas antibacterial and antiseptic properties which makes it a great natural disinfectant!

For the base you can use either Witch Hazel or Distilled Water.  I had none so I used Orange Blossom Water (which is all natural and smells fantastic!)

Jarto store the soap



  1. Put all of the ingredients in a jar and mix them together.


  1. Once you’re done mixing the ingredients together, take your makeup brush and dip it into the jar.
  2. Take the brush out and rinse it with warm water—make sure the water is warm enough so that it can help remove the excess makeup off the brushes

Now this cleaner is good to store for a month at room temperature so you can definitely use the formula again. 

DIY #2: Makeup Brush Scrubber Board

Keeping your makeup brushes clean is extremely important and if you’re like me, and you use them often, you need to clean them. The cleaner they are, the better it is for your skin, and the longer they will last. 

These cleaning boards can go up to $30, but here’s a cost efficient at home scrubber board that you can make that works just as well, if not, better. 



Glue Sticks

Glue Gun




  1. First, you’re going to want to find a flat waterproof surface, something that’s reusable so here, I’m using one of my trays or you can find any board that’s in your house
  2. Next, with your hot glue gun, you’re going to create squiggly patterns and nubs on your tray. You see here, textures are what makes this board great for rinsing
  3. You want to wait for the glue gun textures to dry.
  4. After it’s done drying, go ahead and fill a jar with luke warm water and take the makeup brush cleanser soap that you made earlier.

The reason why you’re filling up another jar with water rather than using running water because it’s a great environmentally way to save water and for those of you who live in California, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

An eco-friendly way to keep your brushes —go into water with the jar 

  1. Now you’re going to take one of your dirty brushes and dip it here into the soap, then go ahead and gently sweep the brush on the board in a back and forth motion

I love this method—you get to see the soap residue and the fragrance itself is light, fresh, chemical-free. 

  1. After, you’re going to dip the brush into the water and repeat the same step by swirling the brush onto the board. These textures that we made earlier really gives it that deep cleansing. Another tip is that when you dip your brushes into either the soap or water, try not to wet the handle or ferrule. It’s a great way to keep your brush long-lasting
  2. So you’re going to scrub it and dip it back into the water 2 to 3 times. If there are still some excess foam or soap residue left, just go ahead and rinse it off with water
  3. Once you’re done, gently pat your brush on a towel and place it down

DIY #3: DIY Makeup Brush Drying Hanger 

Drying brushes properly is just as essential as cleaning them. The biggest mistake that people do is to dry their brushes vertically. You don’t want the moisture to creep back into the brush and damage it.



Swim Noodle




  1. First, you’re going to take your swim noodle and cut the noodle so that’s the size of the hanger. You want it to be long enough so you wrap it around the hanger
  2. After, you’re going to cut a straight line down the noodle
  3. Next up, you’re going to create a horizontal slit that runs about ¼ of an inch so that it makes a “T”
  4. You’re going to repeat this step and continue to make the same slits across the noodle. This is where you’re going to place your makeup brushes after so you can adjust the length of the slits according to your brush sizes — you want it to be a snug fit so the brush doesn’t fall off
  5. Now you’re going to slide the noodle into the hanger so that it’s wrapped around the hanger
  6. Then you’re going to put your brushes into the slits and let it air dry