Easy & Delicious Chickpea Crunch Snack Recipe



Hi, Lovelies!

Here’s a healthy, vegan-free chickpea crunch snack that I absolutely love! I always get so excited whenever I find a healthy alternative to chips that is easy to make and taste just as delicious. Not only is it a low-cal option, it’s also filled with protein and fiber, which will give you that added boost of energy.

By baking these chickpeas in the oven, you’ll get a nice crunchy, savory, and satisfying snack that’s great for you to also bring on-the-go or at home. If you have your own seasoning for this snack then I would love for you to share it with me 🙂 Just comment below and I’ll definitely try it next time!

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2 Package of chickpeas/garbanzo

Seasoning (garlic salt, rosemary, pepper)

Olive oil


Preheat the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 175 Celsius.

Rinse the chickpeas in the colander very well.


Dry the chickpeas on top of a paper towel. This will help give it a nice crunch as well as rid of any unwanted shells.


Next, add in your own seasoning. This is where you can get creative. For my snack, I used a tablespoon of garlic salt and a pinch of pepper. Some other options include: cumin, paprika, or garlic, thyme or rosemary.

Top it off with a tablespoon of olive oil and mix everything together.


Lay off a parchment paper onto your pan and place the chickpeas onto the surface of your pan. Use a spoon to space out the chickpeas.

Bake the chickpea for 30 minutes, but if you want an extra added crunch,  you can leave it in the oven for a total of 40 minutes!


Once it’s done baking, take the chickpeas out and let it cool down at room temperature for 10-20 minutes.


Now you have a great delicious snack to munch on!