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DIY Off The Shoulder Top Transformation | RELOVED



Hi Lovelies!!! I want to introduce to you an exciting new DIY series called ‘Reloved.’  Once a month, I will bring an old item and transform it into something that I can use on a day-to-day basis.  To start this you’re going to need to dig into your closet or your honey’s wardrobe and find a button up shirt that’s somewhat oversized or you don’t mind cutting. Instead of leaving these shirts unworn, I wanted to transform them into a cute off-the-shoulder top that’s perfect for any casual to social occasion. I seriously cannot get enough of these off the shoulder tops.  They can be easily paired up with cute accessories or some sexy heels. Why not show these tops some love and revamp it? This sewing project is simple, fun, and a great way to change things up! Want to make your very own version? Keep on reading!



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Off-The Shoulder


A dress shirt (preferably one you won’t mind cutting)

1 inch wide elastic band

Sewing pins

Sewing machine (You can use fabric glue as a replacement)


Hot iron

Safety pin

Let’s get started!


First, lay your shirt down on a flat surface with both sleeves on the side. Determine where you’d like to cut on the shirt. For mine, I measured about 4 inches above the pocket line. Next, I take my clothing pins and place it onto the shirt as markers to determine the cut line.


After, I follow the markers and cut across the shirt in a straight line. Feel free to make any adjustments on the side.


Once you’re done, turn your shirt inside out and you will want to cover the raw edges by folding the shirt a quarter an inch inward towards the wrong side. Then, you want to fold in an additional one inch or one and a half inch inwards and pin it down. The fold will depend on the size of your elastic band.


Use a hot iron to give your sleeves a seamless look. Repeat the same step by pinning down the folded edges all around the shoulder line. Once you reach the sleeves, gather the material together and pin it down.


As soon as you’re done with pinning everything down, you are going to sew around the folded line and leave a 1-2 inch opening so you can insert in the elastic band later. Be sure to sew close to the edge.

If you’re using fabric glue in place of a sewing machine, the same step applies. Just be sure to leave that 1-2 inch opening.


Now, take your elastic band and measure a comfortable fit around your shoulders. Add an extra one inch to your measurement and cut it. Note: Too little or too much elastic band will affect the overall fit.


At one end of your elastic band, anchor the band with a safety pin.  The safety pin will help you guide the elastic through the garment.


Then insert the band into the opening of your shirt. To prevent the other end of the band from slipping inside your shirt, simply hold it so that you can pull out the other one and you’ll end up with the two ends together.

Overlap the ends by one inch and sew the ends together by either the machine or hand sew. If you’re using the machine, sew a rectangle on the overlap and then an ‘X.’ After, cut the thread and tuck it back inside the fold of your shirt.


Finally, sew over the opening. Be sure to backstitch. Once you’re done, close the opening and voilà! You now have added another off-the-shoulder top to your wardrobe! I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did. I’m incredibly excited to share more projects with you on ‘Reloved’ so stay tuned!





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  1. Hi- Adorable idea. much larger of a shirt do you recommend. Such as if I wear a women’a small would I get a men’s large or medium?

    2. Is the shoulder folded onto the front when you cut it?

    Thanks much- looking forward to a sassy new top!!

  2. Me parece buenisima la idea , porque se recupera camisas que ya uno no usaba por estar pasada de moda , o estar cansada de usar lo mismo , publiquen otras transformación de otras prendas

  3. Had this pin saved for quite some time to eventually do. Finally did this today and it has worked out beautifully… Thank you 🙂

  4. How is it that I am having problems cutting the sleeve correctly!!
    Can you show me what I am doing wrong?
    Thank you

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