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Happy Spring Time, Lovelies!

Spring is always an amazing time for weddings, dinner parties, baby showers, and etc. As one of the best times of the year to tie the knot, weddings are filled with colorful palettes from decors to centerpieces. I wanted to create a DIY that can act both as a perfect party favor as well as a home decor. These beautiful floral candles are simple, but they make for great accented pieces for any occasion.

Turn something ordinary to something extraordinary by adding a special touch to these candles. Want to know how? Keep on reading 🙂


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Candle Wicks

Candle Wax

Glue Gun

Paper flowers (Available at any art and crafts store)


DIY Candle Party Favors

First, take your wicks and glue them to the bottom center of your jars with a hot glue gun. 


Next, measure an appropriate amount of candle wax flakes for each of your jars. For this project, I am using two cups of wax flakes. You’re going to then melt the candle wax by microwaving it for 2 minutes. You can also melt the wax on a stove if you’d like in a double boiler.


It’s time to add in a fragrance oil to give your candle a nice scent of its own. You can use less or more depending on your preference. After you’re done, mix the oil together with the melted wax.

Now you’re going to pour 3/4 of the wax mixture into each of the jars.


To help hold the wicks in place, put tape on the jars to support the wicks and let the candles cool at room temperature. 


Once the wax solidifies, after a couple of hours, trim the remaining wicks.


Onto one of my favorite steps which is to decorate the lid of the jars! 


Take some paper flowers or any artificial flowers of your choice and glue it down. I usually glue down the leaves first and then place the flowers on top of them. Play with the coordination if you’d like!


Now you have beautiful floral candles that you can use as a home decor or even as a wedding favor!




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