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3 DIY Coffee Beauty Hacks



Hi, Lovelies!

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for these 3 DIYs! I recently collaborated with Starbucks and somehow ended up with a good amount of coffee grounds left so instead of throwing it out, I wanted to create something that is extremely natural and hydrating for the skin.

As a coffee person myself, I always marvel at the scent and taste of coffee—something that definitely helps me wake up and begin my day. Since coffee is a natural exfoliator, these beauty backs will help rejuvenate your face and body while eliminating toxins. Spring is finally here and there’s no better time to give your skin that extra added glow 🙂 Be sure to use very FINE grinds for these DIYs so that the coffee grind won’t scratch your skin. Did I mention you can find most of these materials in your kitchen?

If you’re ready then click ‘Read More’ and let’s begin!

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Coffee Beauty Hacks

DIY #1: Coconut Coffee Soap Bar



Coffee grind

Soap bar

Essential coffee oil (optional)

Natural coconut oil or olive/almond oil



First, cut the soap bar into cube-like shapes and microwave it for a minute and a half or until it is completely melted.


Next, add in some natural coconut oil. You can substitute this step with almond oil or olive oil, depending on your preference. Mix it until the oil is fully dissolved into the formula. Add in your essential oil (this gives the soap a light scent), followed by your coffee grind.


Continue mixing until everything is evenly distributed.


To make an exfoliating soap bar (great for rougher areas of your skin), add extra coffee grind into your mold, followed by the mixture. This allows you to have two different textures on both sides of the soap.

If you want to turn your soap bar into a massaging one, top it off with the coffee beans.

DIY #2: Coffee Face Mask



Cacao powderfilled with antioxidants and anti-aging properties

Coconut oil – moisturizes skin, great for sensitive skin

Honey a natural humectant that keeps your skin hydrated 

Coffee grind

Small bowl



*For a one time use mask* Amount of ingredients may vary if you want to create multiple ones


Put a spoon of cacao, coconut oil, and coffee grind together in a bowl. Mix all the ingredients together until you get a nicely paste mixture. This way, the mask will stick to your skin.


DIY #3: Coffee Body Lotion



Coconut Oil (oil of your choice)

Coffee grind

Coffee filter


Lotion (of your choice)




First, heat up a natural oil. I chose coconut oil since it’s natural and has antibacterial/antifungal properties that improves the complexion of your skin. You can also use organic extra virgin olive oil, which also gives your skin a smooth and hydrated feel.


Put in a spoon full of coffee grind into your coffee filter. Then pour your hot oil into the coffee grind. Take everything out and place the filter (along with the rest of the ingredients) on top of the cup that way the rest of the coffee oil can drip down.


Depending on how big your jar is, put your lotion into the jar. As an optional step, I added a few drops of concentrated coffee oils.


Then add the oil from your cup into the jar and mix all the ingredients together. Now you have your own coffee lotion!

I hope you enjoy these 3 coffee beauty hacks! Let me know what you think!





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