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EASY Valentine’s DIY Flower Vases




Hello Lovelies!

This year, I have started to realize how much of a consumeristic society we live in.  Just buy buy buy and accumulate.  I have made it a resolution to reuse and repurpose as much as I can this year before even considering buying something.  Be green and save some green right?  Anyhow, with Valentine’s Day around the corner and fresh cut flowers looking for a home, I wanted to recraft and redecorate the vase’s I have at home!  Today, we will give your old vases and contaners a new look that will refresh your decor!  This is a fairly easy and simple DIY project that will both look great and also take up very little time!  Let’s get started with this project after the break!

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First, you are going to need to collect the materials!


-Old vases/containers(Make sure to wash with warm soapy water first)

-Craft paper or left over fabric

Spray Adhesive or a Hot Glue Gun


Paper Wrapped Vase

Now that you have your supplies, let’s get to work!


First, measure and cut out the amount of paper or fabric needed to wrap around your vase.  The easiest way to do it is to roll the vase over the material to figure out the height and width of what is needed.  Straighten out your cut lines with a ruler and snip away!


Then, apply hot glue to your vase and wrap your paper around it dabbing glue along the way to secure the material.  When you get to the end, lay a nice bead of the hlot glue to seal and affix the edge.

Note: This can also be done with upholstery fabric or other materials around at home. 


This is such a fun and easy way to repurpose and redecorate!  You can wrap your vase in any kind of material to coordinate with the rest of your decor!


Chanel Inspired Perfume Vase


To make an adorable perfume box vase, start by using the Chanel template below.


Right-click to download the template. Then, print and cut out squares!  I reccomend printing it on card stock for durability and for that lux feel


Using craft glue (I prefer to use a hot glue gun so that it’s easily removable later), line it up and stick it onto your vase.

C 4

Just love how they turned out!  Super quick and simple.  You can create any logo that you want and print it out!

Marble Wrapped Vase



This last DIY vase is perfect if you love the marble trend!  It is also really simple to do!  You will need a piece of stick on marble vinyl and a vase for this one.  I reccomend using a vase that is simple in shape, either a cylinder or a rectangular design to make it easy to apply the vinyl on.  Any weird shapes or textures will make this technique very difficult.  Start by measuring enough vinyl to cover all four sides.  Double check your measurment and then cut.  Test fit the vinyl again just in case.


M 5

It’s time to apply the vinyl!  First make sure our surface is clean and dust free.  Next, peel off an edge of the vinyl and apply it to the vase.  Carefully peel out 3-4 inches of vinyl at a time and place onto surface.

M 6

Using a plastic card like an old gift card or credit card, press vinyl down onto surface of the vase until it is entirely wrapped.

M 7

Such a simple application can really change the look of your decor!  What do you think?  Anyhow, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and I will talk to you again soon!




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  1. Hi, Anne, Can you please share with me your Chanel and Prada letter templates? I have joined the Anne Le club 🙂 and thank you for all your trendy DIY projects!

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