Win My Holiday Giveaway!!



I am super excited to work with both Ebates and Love with Food to bring you guys this fantastic holiday giveaway. Just in time to treat yourself for a great year. This is open to all my viewers and readers worldwide, but to be eligible for the gift card or the subscription box, you must be a US resident. Good luck!!
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958 comments on “Win My Holiday Giveaway!!”

  1. Love your videos! The diys are so very helpful for students like me who do not work full time! BTW loving your hair!

  2. My little sister (12) her birthday is December 25th and she love love loves EOS. But here in The Netherlands you can’t get the EOS handlotion. So i’d love to win that and give it to her. I also really like the purse! But that one would be for myself 😉
    Greets! Xx

  3. Thanks for doing this giveaway, Ann! Wishing you an amazing December :).

    Is anyone else having trouble earning points though? I tried sharing it on Twitter, FB, and emailing it, but the points didn’t register :(.

  4. I love your videos!!! The way you talk is also quite calming too. 🙂 thanks for thinking of your followers for this great giveaway!

  5. I Love yoU, and i really enjoy your videos.
    I am from ecuador and i will really like to win the giveaway.

  6. I seriously bought all of the same stuff for my friends for Christmas, those Items are best things to give to people! I love your videos and just scroll through the diys when I’m bored and make them

  7. Thank you for your helpful advice and giveaway opportunity. I like the tea thermo, that’s a great gift for my friends and I. I hope you enjoy the holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  8. Thanks for doing this giveaway Ann! I’m planning on buying a longchamp bag for my mom to give back since its the holidays and it’s that time where people are in the mood for giving, Rhis would be much appreciated to recieve! Love you, from Virginia <3

  9. Hi Ann! I love watching you videos and its great to feel like I can relate to a youtuber through your videos! Love the holiday series! And you’re the best! Xoxo

  10. Love your videos! Your DIYs helped ignite a new hobby I never knew I could do and enjoy doing! Keep it up! Love the hair! God Bless!

  11. I love your videos and style! Your DIY videos are very helpful and creative. Thank you for the chance to win the giveaway 🙂

  12. Heei, i love tour diy video’s and you are such a goed drawer. I woud love to win becouse i follow-up you for such a long time and you are Just so sweet. Xxx annelin.
    Ps: i Am from the Netherlands.

  13. I love you videos!! There always an outside of the box kinda ideas and I’ve tried lots of them!! I can’t wait till I can give everyone little marshmellow!!

  14. Love ur videos, it’s so useful for me, and it’s different than any other diys. My first time entering a giveaway, so hopefully I win, if not congrats to the winner. I love you! ✌

  15. I love all your videos! The things you mentioned the holiday gift guide included some great ones that maybe I’ll use for my gifts to others this season!

  16. Thank you for the awesome videos always. I enjoy watching you weather you are doing a DIY or Fashion.

  17. Aaaaahh I’m so much more excited for Christmas now that i know you’ll be doing a you Ann !O(≧∇≦)O

  18. This give away is so awesome and right on Rudolf’s nose for Christmas lol
    As always love your videos! Happy holidays

  19. Aaaaah I’m so much more excited for christmas now that you are doing a give away! Love you Ann !O(≧∇≦)O

  20. Aaaaah I’m so much more excited for christmas now that you are doing a give away! Love you Ann !❤

  21. Hi Ann,
    Love your videos. Your channel has a little of everything for everyone..full of new & different ideas. Keep it up.

  22. I’d love to be considered to win! I’m on summer holidays at the moment (Australian!) And all the gifts would be extremely handy to have throughout the break and festive season! Your videos are always original and great to watch!

    1. I love your diys and hauhs and fashion your the best youtuber ever never stop and hopefully i migut win this giveaway

  23. Anne I love your videos I think you’re so talented ! I’m crossing my fingers to win these goodies , love you

  24. I love your videos!!! I’ve been subscribed to your channel for 2 years now or more(i dont remember ) you really inspire me every time you make a video ! You’re really nice beautiful and amazing i love you so so much Ann ♡ the coloring book is really helpfull i have one and i never though that i can give it like a gift !!
    Love from Morocco
    Btw i love your hair color it looks so beautiful

  25. Oh my gosh! This giveaway is amazing! I’m so in love with the longchamps bag! Love you so much Ann ❤️

  26. I would love to win the long champ bag or the tea termos for my mother in law. This year she is such a big help with us. I would love to give her a nice present this christmas but sadly were leaving in a one income budget since i went back to school. I love my mother in law and shes like a real mom to me. Please! I would reallt appriciate it.
    I love all your videos and been waiting for all your Dyi.

  27. Hii Ann,

    Oh! what a nice giveaway!
    First of all i would like to tell you that you have an amazing youtube channel and you always inspire me for diy’s and other things! And I actually have made A LOT of your diy’s! hihi, really love em!
    I would really like to win because I can’t get everything out of this giveaway in the Netherlands, or the shipping is very bad and expensive.So i hope I’l win!
    And I think that your doing a great job with your youtube channel and your blog! you really inspire a lot of people and that’s what I really love about you!
    Good luck with picking the winners! Sending much love all the way back from the Netherlands! <3

  28. Ann you are truly such an inspiration. I love how amazing and positive you always are. Especially how crafty and easy you always make everything look! You always help us get great deals and make something awesome and affordable. Thank you for everything you do! Love you!

  29. I love your videos really! you are the best I love your hair all of you, I love the form you edit your videos, you are best youtuber. You inspired me I love you

  30. Ann I absolutely adore your videos! Its so nice to come home after a long day of school and see that you uploaded a video that day! You make me so happy! I hope your having a great day! I entered your give away!! So excited for whoever wins!!

  31. I’m not sure if I entered it was a little weird I did log into Facebook but it states I have 0/25 entries

  32. Hi ann OMG i love your videos your such an inspiration on doing DIY projects.have a great day 🙂 <3

  33. I love your videos, especially the diy marshmallow! I’ve always wanted to buy the adult coloring book but I rather buy things for my daughter and I always use ebates for all my online shopping because it’s hassle free!

  34. You are amazing person and I really enjoy watching your videos! Also you have so many great and unique ideas when it comes to DIY! I wish you very good Christmas time! 🙂

  35. Such cute stuff!! Your gift guides are my favorite and really helpful! These things are perfect for anyone!

  36. Your diys are amazing, and it is always a pleasure to see a bright shining smile while doing what you love! You are very inspirational. Keep it up.

  37. Your videos are inspiring to everyone encluding me. Your style is fun up beat, your amazing youtuber with well edited videos one day I hope I can have as well videos as you.

  38. Love your video’s and it would be awesome to win this because I love everything you chose out especially the EOS hand cream

  39. Hey Annee! I’m from Finland if you now where it is (think you dont but it’s in skandinavia). I would love to receve those giveaway things! in here we cannot get those things:( I would be so happy and give the longchamp to my mom cause she wished but it costs so many euros in here that we couldnt buy her that and the colouring book would be lovely to my godmothers! 🙂

  40. Love u Ann! Your videos are so helpful! Love ur DIYS(: hope u have a good day and happy holidays!

  41. I love your videos and you are a really inspiriting person to anyone who wants to create a YouTube channel. I love to win but I’m the worst luck ever. Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  42. I love your videos they’ve inspired me so much! I’ve done a whole bunch of those cute penguin and owl pillows and those marshmallow ones too! I’ve also wrapped them up as a gift to my little brother and sister, and I know they’ll love them as much as I do!

  43. OMG!!!! Me encantan todossssss tus vídeos sorry no soy buena escribiendo en inglés pero entiendo todo me fascina verte !! Y repetir tus tutoríales gracias por pensar en nosotros suerte para todos y me fascinaría ganar!!!

  44. I’m glad you did this video because it gives me some gift ideas for people I know! Maybe I’ll even do one of your diy projects as a gift if I have the time.

  45. Love your videos they’re so creative and you’re voice is so calming and your painting skills are amazing and all these things would be perfect for my mom

  46. I love your videos but every time I don’t get it right that suck me up but I think its just me


  48. I love your videos but everytime I try it I mix it up but I think it just me and it sucks me up but he did a great job

  49. Your giveaway gifts are so awesome! I love the diversity you bring to your channel! The DIYs are my favorite!

  50. Love your videos, I’ve watching them for over a year now, before I started watching your videos I was so lazy and didn’t DIY anything but you really inspired me to DIY things. Thank you, you are so inspiring. xoxo

  51. I absolutely love ur channel, I’m an older woman in my 50’s and I’ve learned so much by watching u!! Thank u for inspiring me.

  52. I love your video’s its so much fun tonwatch when i get. back fromm school and meed to relief a little bit of stress and trying out diy’s is also a lot of fun :3

  53. I am really enjoying your vedios.. thanks for the grt gift ideas. Would love to win 1 2… haha.. lots of love

  54. I love ur videos they help me alot in alot of times thank u sooo much for existing lol keep doing wat ur doing ur great

  55. I love your diy pillows but this video was so fun to wacht i really enjoy it! I just love that bag The coloring book is amazing i had one like that and it was soo Relaxing really amazing! Love you

  56. I love all the items shown in the giveaway. They seem like the perfect gift idea. I’d love to have these to give to my friends as I have been so stuck on what to give them. Thanks so much. P.S I love your channel, especially by our DIYS

  57. Even knowing im a male i do love DIYs it helps me with gifts i can give or things i can make for my friends and family.

  58. Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway! Everything you showed us would make awesome gifts. MERRY CHRISTMAS! ❤️ Xoxoxo!

  59. Ann, I never miss watching your videos. They’re so inspiring and always fun to watch, plus useful too. Stay beautiful! Xoxo.

  60. I love your videos so so much!! I follow you a years ago and you’ re a beautiful person! Love ya!from México

  61. I love you Ann I’ve been watching your videos for such a long time now I don’t even know how long it’s been.Love the hair, and Christmas videos… these (all Christmas related) are my favorite videos you do. Btw the marsmallow pillows are so freaking cute! Question: What does it feel to know someone from across the ocean is watching you and doing your diy-s?

  62. Love your Christmas themed diy-s Also thanks for doing this giveaway I’d love to win Longchamp bag simply cause I love the look and a few books would fit in there

  63. I absolutely love your channel and snapchat!! I was shocked when poor little Harley got taken away from you guys. I hope ya’ll have a very merry Christmas!! Diymas is my favorite

  64. I love watching your videos, especially the DIYs! They motivate and inspire me to be so creative! happy holidays! love you and your channel!

  65. I just love how creative you are Ann, You’re so beautiful also on point with your looks in your videos, keep up the good work 🙂 XOXO.

  66. I love love love watching your Chanel and I would really love to win, I don’t have that much money and I really need some stuff to give at Christmas

  67. Love your videos ANN … Your always inspiring to watch ….Thanks for having this giveaway!!

  68. I am disabled and new at this crafting stuff, I have alot of time on my hands the kids have moved out and it’s just me and my cats. Not alot of money but this is so fun to do and you are such an inspiration to me, you are not only beautiful and amazing but I love love love your channel and all your awesome ideas…. Keep up the great work, Much love and God Bless and congrats on who ever wins this amazing prize….

  69. Hey Ann I watch all of your videos your really creative and a great inspiration. Happy holidays! 🙂

  70. Love you Ann , and love your videos too!!! You’re so creative and talented , lots of love from Qatar ( the Middle East)

  71. Ann I love your videos. You are so positive and it is great. Your videos are giving me inspiration to paint and create stuff. Love ya.

  72. I love your videos! I first found your channel from for pointing videos and you are so talented and creative.

  73. I love your videos!! I’m not creative at all! Watching your videos and being able to recreate your art makes me feel some way creative! Haha thank you! Keep the videos coming!

  74. Hello, thanks for this! Happy holidays omg loving your vlogs traveling makes me daydream on what would be my trip.

  75. Is it weird that I want the coloring book the most? Lol. It’s true…coloring is therapeutic for me. It’d be nice to have an adult one to color with the kids.

  76. Thank you for doing this giveaway! I love watching your videos especially the diys you have made and the art you have done. I also like watching your vlog videos; the one where you went to Korea with your family. I hope I will get a chance to win this.

  77. Hi Miss Ann! I’ve been enjoying watching your videos coz it’s helps me a lot. You’re such an amazing person and an inspiration. Thank you for that! God bless you

  78. Hey Ann I have been dying to get a long camp and everything in your give away!!! I can’t get it because it’s to expensive for me and my parents,but I would love to win and hope that you see this comment!!! Thank you:) I love you DIYS and all of your videos to begin with:) HOPE YOU SEE THIS AND I WOULD LOVE TO WINNNNN!!!!!!! -Karina:)


  80. I love your hair!! It takes me about 20 seconds to register what you’re talking about in your videos bcus I’m so mesmerised by your beautiful hair lol.. Keep up the great videos, you always inspire me to try new things and make it comfortable to try stepping out my comfort zone 🙂 love you loads *virtual hug*

  81. I absolutly love all of your videos. My favorite far is the pet teepee. Harley is just so adorable!

  82. I really like your videos,your tutorial your diy’s so helpful and thank you so much to our diy’s videos

  83. ann your such an inspiration and your so artistic and thank u for everything u do for your viewers.

  84. Hi Ann!!! Love love love your videos, snaps, and DIY ideas. Your an inspiration and I love that you are also a Mom, your so creative! Keep being your fabulous self!! Happy holiday ☺☺☺.

  85. Merry Christmas Ann! I hope you have an amazing one with your family and friends! 🙂 I love your Christmas videos, and hope to see more soon! Quick request: please do another Dress It Yourself video soon 🙂

  86. Really I like your lovely videos specially your diys so I wish you the best and I thank you for all your funniest moments that you shared with us

  87. I actually got some good ideas after watching that video…both for myself and the people on my Christmas list this year. Thanks.

  88. I am thankful for being able to spend my mom last day of life as she past away, to be able to say good bye. I am thankful for memories and my family for loving me in my time of grief.

  89. I totally love your videos, every time I see that your channel has a new video I go strait ahead to watch it cause I know I’ll find something I will totally love. Oh! And I also love all your changing looks! You’re so inspiring in all so many ways!

  90. I love your videos! You give me so much inspiration and you’re so generous to give back to your viewers!!

  91. Hi, I really like your taste in fashion, especially your DIY’s. I really hope that I can win the Longchamp tote, so I can carry my supplies easy for school!

  92. Hi Ann!!
    I’ve been watching your DIYs for so many years now, and I absolutely love them!! (Even though it takes me a long time to do one, haha). Honestly, though, every time I finish making a DIY project of yours, I just feel so so happy that I accomplished something!
    BTW, the Love with Food box seems awesome! I seriously eat snacks all day, and it’s so nice to have something healthier, but still be delicious!

  93. Your videos are among my favourite to watch and learn from. I’m alway interested in you DIYs and would love to see how you made the little marshmallow guys. Ps love that the giveaway is world wide

  94. I love all your videos, I would love to win all the items are wonderful. I’d love to give the purse to my 15 year old daughter and lip chap..

  95. Love all your videos specially your diy your great personality and your style of clothes thanks

  96. Thanks for this giveaway. Its amazing. Just watching your videos make me smile and feel creative . i use your DIYs to make gifts and for room decor.

  97. I love your videos I have been subscribed for years always get a kick out of seeing do you have DIY’s love your mini marshmallow pillows

  98. I Love you Anne you’re so amazing and pretty, I just love all the things you do! You really are a true role model to me.

  99. I absolutely love everything you’re giving away! And since in going to visit my whole Fam in the Netherlands the lotion and the lip balm are both great!!! But the long champ is perfect, for traveling I’ve used them before and they are awesome !

  100. I like many others, suffer from anxiety on a daily basis. Watching your videos definitely helps to cheer me up when I’m feeling down and inspires me to get in touch with my creative side. I love anything DIY and your channel is right up my alley! Just wanted to leave a little message to let you know how much I love your videos. Keep it up!!!

  101. love this giveaway!! eos lotion i can’t buy in Belgium 🙁 but love to win this everything looks awesome
    Lots of love
    Fan from belgium

  102. Thank you so much Ann for all you do. Your such a nice and inspiring person I’ve tried to become more nice than usual just like you! Your days are so helpful I’ve tried almost all of the mans were a success that is to you! Love your hair & of course love you!!

  103. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway Ann! You’ve been an inspiration to me for a long time now,and I love watching your beauty, fashion, DIY, and even painting videos! You’re such a creative person and your DIYs never fail to amaze me. Keep up the hard work and I hope you have a great holiday season!

  104. Very great giveaway Ann! I’m planning on buying a longchamp bag for myself this Christmas. It also great to give back since its the holidays an all the beat for the holidays ,Yola from Barbados

  105. Your such an inspiration and your videos have such a unique vibe that can’t be found anywhere else but on your channel.

  106. When you’ve seen so many videos, its kinda great to see new ideas. Thanks for being amazing. You have inspired me, not to quit on drawing and art. Thank you so much, and hope you have an amazing holiday season!!

  107. Ann your such an inspiration and your videos have a unique vibe that can’t be found anywhere else but on your channel

  108. I recently found your channel, and have been binge watching your videos! Would love to win the giveaway. thank you

  109. Love your diys! You are very creative. I would love the longchamp totebag so i can use it for school but im not picky so i will be greatful to win anyone of your gifts for the holidays.

  110. Your videos are just so chill and relaxing to watch. You inspire me so much and I hope I win this giveaway!

  111. ann your video are so good
    i just love you ,you are so
    pretty .Please ann i never
    never win a giveway toke me ❤❤❤

  112. I think that all the gifts are really great ideas! Gave me some ideas of gifts. I love your videos

  113. Your videos are great. Whenever I meet someone that loves DIYS, I always direct them to your channel!

  114. I love your DIY’s! They are so creative! It tried a few out they came out amazing thank you for giving amazing and creative ideas to me!

  115. Hey Ann if your readin pg this that’s enough for me to stay happy the rest of my life!! I love you your videos and your hair if I win I will be so amped and I would finally cross off winning a giveaway from a famous person off of my list!!! Thank you for the interaction Ann! Love you and good luck!!!

  116. I love your energy! You are an inspiration to me, you are always soo so happy, that’s great!
    I hope I win, I was literally freaking out over all the things of this giveaway, I want them all
    Love youuu. Happy holidays

  117. Please,please,please give me the giveaway i always want to win the giveway from your YouTube videos please, please,please it will be so very helpful if i get staff like that from people like you i’ m not saying that because i just wanted the staff i’m saying that because it will be a honour❤

  118. I love your channel and all the diys you do. Also thanks for holding this giveaway. MARRY CHRISMAS

  119. I love you and your videos ! Your always giving my inspiration to do new things and try new things ! If I’d win I’d give everything to my family except those munchies haha.

  120. I love love love love love you and all your videos!!!!!!!!! Always try to make you diy projects because they are all really fun and creative:) btw love the hair

  121. I love your videos so much! I have been watching for 3 years! Have tried some of your DIYs and they turned out great : )

  122. everything is so adorable and i would love to win this giveaway. I love all of ur Diys and i love to recreate them.

  123. Loved all of the gift ideas and your channel! My favorite recent video has been the marshmallow pillows! SO CUTE

  124. I love you’re diys. I feel like you’re one of the only ones who not only posts diys on the regular but also things that I actually want to make and have a use for. Plus your target fashion series was on point. Xoxo

  125. I love your DIY videos! I’m a crafter and you have great ideas for things. Hope to win one of those goodies. Merry Christmas!

  126. Hi! Really love you and all your DIYs that inspire me to use my hands and make me feel occupied in this holidays. Love from Singapore ^^

  127. Thank you so much Ann, for the awesome opportunity. I watch your videos for inspiration. You are such a positive person and that’s what I love about you. Thanks again!

  128. You are awsome best videos ever you are also so pretty you gave me great ideas thx hope you have a great day andChristmas❤

  129. Hii! Really like to enter this contest and really love youu and all the DIYs that make me feel occupied during the holidays!!! Love from Singapore^^

  130. I absolutely love your videos they are amazing the camera quality and I love how you spend your time on us subscribers and it is great to see you grow as a youtuber. Love you lots!❤️

  131. I love your videos!! They are awwssommme!! I really like your DIYs they are those actually realizable DIYs and I love it! Thank you for this amazing useful giveaway!!! 🙂

  132. I love your videos soooo much! You are really inspiring me and giving me a lot of great ideas for DIYS and such!!! I love your hair to!

  133. I have really had a rough day and watching your videos makes it all better thank you so much for everything you do

  134. You are so crafty and stylish with Al your videos, such a great help, you are an amazing painter, I love watching you paint, I wah I could paint like you! Thumbs up for the win!

  135. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! I have been watching them for years and honestly, your DIY holiday gifts for him & her have been encouraging me to make gifts for friends, family, and my boyfriend! Your hair is beautiful btw!

  136. Hi Ann, your videos are very fun and interesting. I love going home from school and just watching your videos, your diys are creative, and original.

  137. I’m having lot and lots of fun watching all your videosss!!!love all your DIY, fashion and foods. Thank you

  138. You’re DIYs are great and it’s so nice of you to be doing a giveaway. Love you- Nicole from Florida

  139. Thanks for doing a giveaway! I love your channel especially all the diys because they’re creative and things i actually want in my room! and awesome would it be to get these gifts!

  140. hi ann i just wanted to let you know that you are an insperastion to me and that you are very creatve and i love waching your videos and createing all of your diy i love you

  141. You are so creative, I don’t even know how your come up with all the DYI projects each week. YOU ARE TRUELY AMAZING !!!

  142. Thanks for all the gifts putting your effort into getting all the stuff. Hope you and your family a good healthy family (:

  143. I love your diys. My favorite is the marshmallow pillow plus. I also love your food recipes.

  144. Ir a genus when it comes to diys ! Rhanks for ur videos i look forward to watching all ur fantastic future ideas !!!! 🙂

  145. Your DIY ideas are interesting, easy to make and fun to watch. They are also really useful and now I love DIYs because of u!!

  146. Hey Anne 🙂 I really love your videos you always put out great content! I love how you’re always enthusiastic about the things you post. Anyways, love ya!

  147. Hey girl 🙂 I love your videos & charisma you’re always so interesting to watch and I enjoy how you present your videos and the effort you put it they’re always great especially the diy’s (so creative!)

  148. Ann your the best youtuber in the whole world I love you you are my inspiration when I watch your video of feel special cause you get

  149. Your the best Ann you make me feel special your my love inspiration my everything I love you videos especially you diy ❤️

  150. Thank you for this giveaway Ann! I hope I can give this to my bff so she can enjoy it since she’s been stressing and working very hard!

  151. Hello Ann, love all your videos, so inspiring and awesome. Always waiting for a new video from your channel, I think you should do vlogmas next year. I love you and have a wonderful christmas. Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia!!!

  152. Thank you for doing this giveaway, it’s very generous of you! I always enjoy watching your creative videos, they are visually appealing with the different colors and textures. Keep up the great work!

  153. Thanks for creating interesting and entertaining videos! I enjoy watching all your DIYs and blogs. Keep it up! 🙂

  154. I love you Ann! I think you are so creative and it makes my day when I see a new upload from you because your tutorials inspire me to make something special or try something new.

  155. I just want to thank you, the diy,s you’ve thought me has a lots of comments from friends and family so I thank you for everything

  156. Thank you for having this giveaway! I love your videos so much they give me so many things to do when I get bored haha!

  157. Hi, Ann
    Love your channel 🙂 It inspires me to be unique and creative. I’d love to win longchamp bag as baby bag 🙂 thanks for wonderful vids ! xoxo from canada <3

  158. i love love love all your tutorials especially your home decor ones they add special touches to my room n home n r great projects with my girlfriends mwah XOXO. love your channel!

  159. I love your videds. You are my role model. You are an inspiration for ideas and DIYs. It would mean a lot to me if I won this giveaway. Thank you for taking the time to read this comment.

  160. I love that you made a successful career out of what you love, art. That in itself is so inspiring to me 🙂
    ~happy holidays Taylor

  161. You’re videos are amazing I definitely love watching them. Also love how you find time to give back to others. Very inspirational!

  162. I’ve been watching your videos since the beginning. And i still get excited when you upload a video. <3

  163. I really love your videos Ms. Ann. All of your videos are very inspirational and useful (especially the DIYs.) I love you and your channel. Keep inspiring and doing DIYs as long as you are happy in what are you doing (even though, we can see how happy you are in your videos) Lovelots! From your Filipino subscriber.

  164. I am going to Paris this summer as a graduation gift and would love a bag to carry my essentials in as I explore the city! Plus, it’s a French brand, so I would fit right it! I’ve been subscribed for years, and I love all your videos. Happy holidays!

  165. Hi Ann
    I love love love all your DIY videos…Really they are soo unique… I watched the candle making videos like 4…5 I really wanted to learn it.. also liked the DIY notebooks… all the videos are awesome….
    <3 from India

  166. I absolutely love you and your channel I think your DIY’s are not only adorable but simple and affordable and I personally really appreciate that. Thank you for all that you do for us!!

  167. This giveaway is amazing I love it and I wish to be one of the winners because I love tea and omg I can’t wait.

  168. Omg thans for the awesome GA!!! i would love to win since i can’t find anyone of thr gifts where i live!:(

  169. Thank you for this give away !! It means a lot to us especially during Christmas time!! You’re such an inspiration to me!! Thank you for everything!! Love of love from France

  170. I love your videos and I don’t miss watching even a single one. You have inspired me in may ways.xoxo

  171. Hi Ann! I love watching your videos! They are so fun and cute! I can’t wait to make the big plush marshmallows for all of my friends! Love you!

  172. Hi Ann! I have been watching all your DIY videos for the longest I can remember. I love love love your videos, especially your most recent one about how to make the marshmallow plushies! So cute! You are such an inspiration to me and your videos always put a smile on my face! Thanks for making amazing YouTube videos! ❤️

  173. You are so creative.I love everytime to see your video which gives me ideas and awakes my own creativity:*

  174. Ann
    Love your videos and your beautiful spirit. You are a joy to watch. I think my favorite videos are when you decide to paint. I come from a family of artists, but sadly they didn’t share any of their talent with me. . That said you, along with my adult children, have inspired me to try it anyway. Again you are a joy to watch. Keep up the good work. Blessings

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      My sister and I we are your biggest fans from the whole world!! I am 13 and my sister is 11 and we love you!!
      We love your DIY’s and how you do that all!! They are so lovely! You are so creative and peacefull! You heave a lot of inspiration for us to do something other than playing on the ipad or look TV… <3 <3 We love you SO SO HARD!!! you are the best! We wish you a wonderfull december and hollidays beacouse you are amasing!!! (sorry for my English but its not verry good beacouse we are from Belgium 🙂 ) We love you Ann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for this give away!
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