DIY Starbucks Red Cup Candles



Hey Everyone!!! How cute are these mini Starbucks Red Cup Candles huh? I remember getting my first Holiday Latte (gingerbread Tea latte with soy milk) of the year. I felt so Christmas-sy and excited for winter! Red is also my favorite color this year.  Isn’t it so funny how this red cup design was a controversial thing? I wondering if it was just a ploy to get attention, the news are running out of ideas, or people need something to complain about? Regardless, in celebration of the Holiday cheers, I wanted to create something that’ll make your hearts melt.  Do you believe me if I tell you how incredibly east these are?  Yep, they are super Easy!!!! btw.. also check out my  Hot Cocoa Candle tutorial.



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Wax (soy wax or reused candle wax)

Red color pigment or red crayons

Mini paper cups

Candle wicks



1.) Use a hot glue gun to attach the wick to the bottom of the paper cup. To keep the candle wick upright and centered, tape some scotch tape over the center of the cup opening.



2.) Time to melt the wax! Microwave your wax a minute per cup. After the wax is fully melted, add in the color pigments and the fragrance oils.



3.) Pour the mixture into your paper cups, and let the wax sit for an hour.



4.) To make the whipped cream, slightly melt some white wax. Don’t melt it completely because you want it to keep a chunky texture so that it looks like realistic whipped cream. Make sure the red wax in the cups are fully hardened, and then place the “whipped cream” wax onto the candle cups.



6.) To get the drizzled caramel sauce, melt an orange-brown crayon over the candle and let it drip over the wax. Peel the paper cup off the candle. Print out the Starbucks logo, cut it out, and glue it onto your candle. And you’re done! Enjoy!


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  1. Thanks Ann you really make DIY simple! I love this idea especially as cute Christmas presents. Going through all your DIYs right now getting ready to go to the craft store. You just made my day and my Christmas presents a whole lot easier. Amazing!

  2. What a great idea! I’m just finishing mine up now, and something occurred to me, when I removed the cup, I realized there was no structure. When it burns, does it deform? Will it melt okay? Thank you.

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