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DIY Hanging Snowglobes | A Winter Wonderland



Hey Everyone!!! As much as many of us love to DIY, Some of us just can’t find the time between the holiday hustle.  Today’s DIY I wanted to create something simple but that will also get your creativity flowing.  These magical bubbles are a great way to decorate the home or Christmas tree.  Anyone can do this!  Have your DIY challenged aunt, mom, and friend be apart of the festivities and create these beautiful dream like Winter worlds together.

final 4

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Glass Terrarium

Pillow stuffing or salt

House ornaments

Mini christmas trees


Glitter (optional)


1.) We’re going to start this DIY by putting some snow into your christmas ornament. Take some pillow stuffing or salt and place it at the bottom of your terrarium. Use glue to secure it in place.



2.) Optionally, you can add some glitter to give the snow a nice shimmer. I recommend you get glitter with bigger flakes so that it stays on top of your snow better.



3.) You can find cute ornaments from your local craft store or repurpose old toys to populate your terrarium. I found this adorable house and some snow covered trees to put into my snow glove. Use glue to keep the ornaments in place.



4.) After the pieces are in place, sprinkle more glitter and salt on top to give the ornament some fresh fallen “snow.” Then hang up your terrarium and enjoy your new Christmas decoration!