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Can you believe it?  The holidays are near and that means it’s time to travel to see loved ones, friends, or to just get away.  This year I have been traveling quite a bit, both for work and for pleasure and have come up with a few travel hacks that have saved me both time and money.  Why spend your vacation worrying about the small stuff?  Here are 11 of my favorite travel cake that you can use this holiday vacation!….






1.) For the first hack, lemons on the pits! While traveling I cut a slice of lemon each morning and rub it on my armpits to keep me feeling fresh all day long. It works better than deodorant, it’s all natural, and it’s inexpensive.  I’ve been doing this for over 3 years now and am totally deodorant free.  No more chemicals in my pits!



2.) I like to bring my reusable thermal cup and stuff it with packets of tea. While you’re waiting at an airport or in the airplane, you can ask for hot water and make some delicious tea. With the thermal Starbucks cup, the Starbucks shop gives you hot water for free. This way you save the 3-5 dollars from buying a latte and drinking up those extra calories.  Saving money and getting a warm drink is bae.



3.) I hate it when I’m trying to unpack while on vacation and all my jewelry has tangled into one messy ball. But no longer! I found that Press ‘N Seal works like magic for sealing jewelry and keeping them from tangling. You just lay down one sheet with the sticky side facing up, then neatly spread your jewelry onto the sheet and press a second layer of Press ‘N Seal over the jewelry with the sticky side facing down. Your jewelry will remain frozen and untangled in their positions within the until you release them from the Press ‘N Seal.  MAGIC.



4.) Another method is to buy a medicine container with the seven daily compartments. They are available for cheap at the local dollar store. You can put each of your jewelry pieces in their own compartment and keep them from tangling with each other.



4.) Here’s great hack with reusable shopping bags! They are great because you can fold them up into such a small, compact ball and put it into your purse. Then while you are on the plane, you can take out the bag and place your handbag into it. It will protect your nice purse from any scratches or damage that might occur while in the overhead bins or under your seat.  Gotta protect the goods!



5.) I carry extension cords with me because sometimes hotel rooms don’t have outlets next to the bed where I like to work on my laptop. A neat way of packing the extension cord is to roll it up and then tuck it into a empty toilet paper roll. Then it will fit neatly into your purse and it is easy to grab wherever you go.



6.) This next hack helps prevents spills and messes while traveling. You cut out a square of plastic wrap, wrap it over the mouth of an open bottle, and then screw the cap on. This is great for foundation, shampoo, conditioner, or any other bottles containing liquid that you might have.  No one wants to reach into a suitcase and get messy hands!



8.) There’s nothing worse than having an expensive perfume bottle shattering and leaving shards of glass and fragrance all over your clothes. As a preventative measure, I always stuff my perfume bottle into a sock to protect it.



9.) In addition to protecting your perfume bottle, you can also pack your socks on top of each other to make a sock football. Keep wrapping all of your socks over the perfume bottle until you have one compact ball of socks.  Safe and cozy!



10.) All you ladies know how terrible it is to open a compact and see the make-up completely crumbled and ruined. You can buy some cotton pads and put them inside your compact.  Put it between the eyeshadow or blush and the lid. Doing this will take up the extra space between the lid and your makeup.  This should help protect your make-up from breaking.



11.) Earbuds have an uncanny way of getting tangled, whether in your pocket or in your purse. Spending heated minutes untangling the spaghetti mess is no fun.  A good way to organize them is to wrap them around a business card securely before tucking them away.  No muss, no fuss.


I hope these hacks will help you destress and remove anxiety from your travels!  If you are going anywhere or just having a staycation at home, have a wonderful holiday vacation!



Ann / Anneorshine

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