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CUTE Marshmallow Plushie DIY




Hey Everyone!!! Tis the season to be crafting.  Last year I started a mini series called #DIYMAS where I made tons of DIYS up till Christmas.  It was lots of work but also fun because so many of you enjoyed them.  This year I’m kicking DIYMAS again with this cute Marshmallow Plushie! I made this a NO-Sew tutorial so that way everyone can enjoy and craft.  If you prefer to sew, please don’t let me hold you back! Enjoy!


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1 yd of white fleece

Pillow batting

Black fabric paint

Black felt

-Optional: plaid fabric



trace circle     1

1.) Lay down a double layer of white fleece. Using a round item such as a bowl, trace a circle and cut it out. You will now have 2 circles.

measure circumference

2.)  Now, measure the circumference of your circle (mine was 30.5 inches)

measure add inch

3.) Lay down the rest of the fleece material – make sure it’s double layered! Then measure the width of the material and add one extra inch for overlapping.

measure length

4.) Now you’re going to measure the length of the plushie. I decided to make him 15 inches tall but you can choose any height you’d like!

cutting out fleece     snips

5.) Mark your measurements and follow along to cut out your fleece. Then make small snips about one inch apart along the edges.

gluingtabs     gluing tabs to circle

6.) Starting in the middle, begin applying glue to each tab – make sure you’re gluing the right side of your fabric! Then place the side of the circle you do not want to show onto the glue.


glue extra tabs

7.) When you are done, glue the extra tabs of fabric over each other and to the circle!

stuffing pillow     closing other end

8.) Now you can begin to stuff the plushie with pillow batting! He’s beginning to look like a marshmallow 🙂 Glue or hand stitch the tabs on the other end together after he is stuffed!

hand stitch

9.) You can also either glue or hand stitch the other circle. Let me know how you do yours!


10.) Now you get to make his cute face! I cut out black felt circle and white felt ovals to make his eyes – you can draw them too! I used red felt for his rosy cheeks and I drew his smile on with fabric paint.


11.) Optional – I also used a plaid piece of fabric as a scarf to keep him warm 🙂

marshmallows final 1

Aren’t they the cutest?! Such a fun DIY for this time of year! I can’t wait to see your marshmallow plushies! Be sure to tag me in your pictures of them!

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  1. I’ll be doing this project with 6 ten year olds tomorrow at my daughter’s Christmas Crafts Party. A very cute craft!

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