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Throwback to Vogue & NYFW




Today’s post is a little throwback to NYFW.  I had all these fun photos sitting in my archive and yet I forgotten about them.  Bloggers are usually on top of Fashion week and here I am one month later with photos from my iphone.  I personally think it’s more interesting to see such a “glamorous” event in a less edited and staged perspective.   I also lost my point and shoot camera on my first Uber ride 🙁

Durring the hectic week of NYFW, Vogue had invited me out to film a NYFW Beauty challenge & collaboration with Karly Kloss in the New York Youtube Space.  I was also there to work on another super exciting project that I will be announcing next week!   With a packed schedule, I was more than eager to visit the east coast.  September is the best time to travel outside of SoCal.  I needed something beside sunshine , blue sky and the 100 degree weather we’ve been having and is still having.

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Karly was really cool and sweet in person.   As soon as I met her, we couldn’t stop chatting.





Later in the day I reconnected with Sona, Evelina and Chloe to attend the Libertine Fashion show. I am so happy I did not miss this show. Earlier in the day I felt like a grandma and wanted to just stay in for the rest of the night.  Vogue had reserved me a seat and since fashion shows weren’t lengthy, I picked myself up to go.  It was a long filming day and we had no time what so ever to get fancy.  I hurriedly dropped by my hotel to changed into a leather skirt and shoes, done!  The show was awesome!!! It was exactly what I needed.  The energy was lively and looks were all fun and playful.


It was my teenage dream to attend big fancy fashion shows but ironically now as adult – I was lazy! Again feeling like a grandma and wanting to sleep in, I sluggishly got ready for my next show the following morning. The ladies and I met up and attended to see the Badgley Mischka show.  It was absolutely beautiful. Every piece was a winner and I wanted them all.  Everything was elegant and gorgeous – just how I envisioned myself to be if I was a perfect human being with an endless budget.  Well that may be not me at the moment but I was still happy to watch all the beautiful pieces up close and personal.  What a fabulous way to start my morning. 

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         There were some questionable moments behind the lens during my week but overall I was able to focus on the positive and thankful to meet wonderful people and reconnect with friends!