The Story of Harley (The Poofy Angel)


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If you guys followed me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you would probably be familiar with a furry poof name Harley.  The family and I adopted him back in December 2014.  Harley was our very first family pet and our fur baby.  He came from a home of a Pomeranian hoarder of whom Harley was one of the 17.  The animal shelter told us when they rescued him- he was in filthy condition covered in feces and fleas and in severe need of dental work.


*This photo was taken on the day we first lay eyes on Harley and fell in love with him

Meeting Harley was completely unintentional.  That day Eric, Vincent and I went shopping at the mall.  After our little excursion, Eric asked if we wanted to look at dogs in the local animal shelter.  Vincent had always wanted a dog but Eric and I felt like it just wasn’t the right time.  We thought we would come visit and pet some dogs.  We all know now that it’s impossible to go to a shelter and not fall in love with a fur baby.  The afternoon was bright and beautiful and the shelter was quite nice and spacious.  We walked by a few kennels with barking and sleeping dogs. There were so many goofy haired Pomeranians running around but one captured my eyes.  Behind the steel bars was a quiet and poofy Pomeranian laying in his bed.  According to the card on the bars, his name was Harley.  He was the only multi-color Pom and he looked so sad.  He had a cone around his neck and was recovering from surgery.  There was something special about this little guy, so quiet, secluded and seemingly vulnerable.  I fell in love with him and figured if I put in a application and if it gets accepted, then it’s meant to be.  After close call with another family, we were able to bring Harley home a week after.


The first night he was like a little puppy, so sleepy and little.  I remember the excitement of waking up that first morning and walking to his little bed.  I flipped him over and tickled his little furry belly.  He didn’t resist and just stared at me with his puppy eyes.  Harley was such an easy little boy, quiet and to himself.  He didn’t like to interact with anyone but he would still let us cuddle the heck out of him.  He was very timid and skittish at any noise.  Luckily, because we work from home, we were able to quickly gain his trust.  On a regular day he loved to lay around and sleep.  Walks were not his thing at first but after a couple of months he got used to the neighborhood.  He especially enjoyed marking this territory daily.  Harley loved car rides with the AC on high and blowing on his fur.  Kids were his kryptonite.  He was never really fond of kids.  As time went on and our bond got stronger, he started following us around the house and was excited to get our affection.

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Just 2 months ago he opened up to us a lot more.  He loved licking people (his way of kissing).  From the time we brought him home last winter to this summer, he has been a completely different dog.  Always smiling and super affectionate.  Always cheerful and playful.  He started looking like he suffered from FOMO whenever Eric and Vincent left for school and he always wanted to play with me just whenever I was busy with work.  It was as if he wanted us to forget about the daily chores of life and just enjoy some playtime.  He was our little fluffer.  Harley was truly a part of our family.  We felt like Harley would make us laugh until we grew much older.

Every soul has a purpose in life and a time to go back home.  Unfortunately it was Harley’s time to go back to the dog park in the sky.  On October 9, 2015 around 7pm, Vincent’s friend came by and knocked on the door to play.  Harley ran out the door to our front lawn.  He usually goes out to stretch or do his little business and then runs back in immediately.  Sadly that night he couldn’t.  A hidden coyote took the opportunity to sweep him away into the night.  I remembered being on the phone with my sister and Vincent running into the house screaming.  Eric immediately ran out and chased the coyote down the street and lost them to the night half a mile later.  One moment, everything seemed like a normal evening and instantly turned into something we would have never expected or desired.  Everything happened so sudden that we were all in shock.  Feelings of confusion, anger and then sadness came to all of us.

The kids called the police and animal patrol stopped by to talk to us.  We were told that coyotes in our area have been extra aggressive in the past 6 weeks.  They have even attacked little children and other little pets even when adults are around.  We would have never imagined that coyotes would be so bold or so comfortable around human.  Animal control told us that coyotes kill their prey immediately and Harley should not have suffered.  Never did we think that this would have happened to us in our once thought of safe neighborhood and one of the safest cities in California.  Nature reminded us that she still existed.

Throughout the weekend, there were so many “should of” “could of” scenarios that we all discussed and picked our brains over.  We came to a realization that at the end of the day everything is in God’s hand and the universal power.  We like to think that he came to us from Heaven with a job to do, to teach us about patience, love and compassion.  He finished his work and it was time to go back home.  We wish to remember Harley as the happy little guy he was.  His innocence and unconditional love have taught us much this past year.  We pray that his soul found peace and freedom.  He is now a Poofy Angel.  May you Rest in Peace Harley Barley.



Harley is always so easy going when we’re playing with him.


One thing we had trouble with was potty training this dude.  He likes to mark his spot.


Something super funny about Harley is that he likes to do the creeper stare from a distance.


Those puppy eyes…


Always looking for the junk food.


First Day we took him home.  He refused to walk.


He was a fan of my paintings.


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  1. So sorry for your lost. i know how much we love our fury babys and how hard its is when we loose them. I’m sending you lots of love and i hope one day an other dog will fill your house with joy

  2. I am so sorry about your lost. I am crying right now. But at least Harley got a second chance to be feel love by you and your family even just for short time. I thank you for letting cute little Harley have a second chance in life, knowing that there are people who love him and that humans are not all bad. Thank you so much. May he rest in peace! I am sure he is happy over the rainbow bridge.

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. My boyfriend and I have a house rabbit and we live in Hollywood. One day my boyfriend and I were driving back from Irvine and got in a car accident. We automatically thought, “What if Pascal was in the car with us?! Because rabbits are so small, they can die from being scared. (When we go visit family in San Diego I usually hold him on my lap as my boyfriend drives.) I totally understand what your going through because pets are our family. I hope one day Harley can come back in another life and be with you all. May little Harley Poof rest in peace in puppy heaven. <3

  4. this is the saddest story ever, I remember Harley when you guys first got him. I hope you guys are deciding to move on with your lives and not live in the past but the future. All good things…May Harley rest in peace in doggy Heaven!

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss, I started breaking down while reading this. I have a chihuahua/dachshund mix and there are many coyotes that live in the forest near our home. I can’t imagine losing him like this, and I can’t even imagine how hard this must be on you guys. I wish your family the best and that Harley rests in peace in puppy heaven. Wawa and I send lots of love to you! <3

  6. I’m so sorry for your lost I’m crying right now and I can’t believe it that Harley the little furry pomerian already passed away. I’m sending my pray so our little angle Harley live happy in heaven and may herest in peace.

  7. I’m so sorry for your lost as I’m Harley’s fan from Myanmar and always looked Harley’s activities from your Instagram and Facebook.
    I felt so painful and sad after reading this.
    RIP Harley and love love. <3

  8. My beloved doggy of 10 years died yesterday. He was my buddy, my “baby” and my friend. Sadly we couldnt get him help in time, it was exactly like you described everything normal than bamb! I’ll always miss him. He was a gift!!

  9. I followed you and little Harley on IG and reading the story brought me to tears. His life was far too short, but you made it exponential happier than it would have been while you were together. Rest in peace little Harley.

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