Party on National Pasta Month!



One thing Eric and I have always wanted to do is go to music festivals.  The two of us have never gone to a music festival before we moved out to California.  It was pretty much on top of our to do list before settling into our first home in SoCal.  Unfortunately, in our first year in California we pretty much worked, worked and worked some more.  Yep, we got super wild!  So much for living it up right?  This year though, I resolved for us to go out and experience life a little more.  We got to experience 2 amazing festivals, Coachella and Lightening in a Bottle.  Thanks to  inspiration – and a little nudge by Barilla’s Passion for Pasta initiative, we were recently treated for some yummy foods & a night out at CRSSD music festival in San Diego.



Eric, Vincent and I started our day with hungry bellies.  We knew it was going to be a long day, so we made sure to eat up at one of our favorite family places.  Nothing like a nice hot pasta meal to bring us together and fill our tummies.  Hey it’s National Pasta Month, so why not right? My dish was full of yummy grilled veggies mixed with rigatoni tossed in a nutty pesto sauce.  Vincent had spaghetti filled with veggies and simmered in a rich garlic sauce.  There is something so comforting, satisfying and simple about pasta.  We saved leftovers for later in the day.  My life hack is to always save leftovers, it frees up your evening from cooking.  Besides, it’s a good idea to eat pasta in appropriate portions!


After the fulfilling lunch, Eric and I dropped off Vincent at his buddy’s house and drove down to San Diego where it wasn’t any cooler.  The night was young and we made off to the festival as the sun set.  In the distance, we could hear the drop of the bass and knew we were headed to the right event.  As we crossed the street, we overheard a person asking the police officer, “What’s going on over there?”  “arghh…I dunno, It’s a RAVE!” the officer responded.  Eric and I laughed  so hard as we crossed the street and received our wristbands.  The sky was glazing with ambient lights and the beat of the music dazzled across the field of bobbling happy people.  If you’re looking for Good Vibes, then music festivals are the place to be.  This festival reminded me of the laid back vibes of Coachella but without the dust and crowds.  Finally, room to dance!  I said it’s time to seize the moment, so Eric quickly looked at the set list and we ran off to the main stage.  We got there just in time.  Mission accomplished.  Our passion for music and our hunger for some of the artists that we have only heard on the radio was satisfied that night.  The energy from our pasta lunch powered us through the night as we danced to a few different sets and mingled with the rest of the festival partygoers.  We left happy and excited to listen to more music on the ride home.

Thank you Barilla Passion for Pasta for treating us out to a yummy and fun-filled day!


Camera guy got a little tipsy here.




Necklace: Forever 21

T-Shirt: Sincerely Jules

Shorts: DIY Cutoff Jeans

Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Backpack: Rebecca Minkoff

Boots: Urban Outfitters