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Hey guys! It’s about time I changed my hair color. Although I feel that blonde has become a big part of me, I’m always open to trying something new.  The brassy orange tone seemed to look more vibrant every fall.  I feel that a darker and deeper color will help cool my olive complexion.  As you guys know I film a lot of videos and take photos for my many social platforms.  It’s been a challenge eliminating that orange aura that seems to never leave me.  Not wanting to photoshop myself, I feel like it’s time to try something new.  Looking back at my older photos, I notice how fair my skin looks against my darker hair.  I’m not saying I prefer pale skin but I would like to experiment with other looks.  The deep burgundy was actually my other choice before I went blonde but I heard red was a tough color to reverse.

Recently John Frieda® Hair Care reached out to see if I would like to try out their new Precision Foam Colour.  Since I’ve been contemplating changing my hair color since summer, I thought here’s my chance.  The John Frieda® color is available in Walmart nationwide, so I went down to my local Wal-mart to pick one out.  I didn’t realize that they had 21 different shades to pick from.  I selected to go for the Deep Cherry color– which looks like the shade I’ve been fantasizing about.


Normally, I would go to the salon if I were to lighten my hair.  If going darker I would normally DIY the process myself.  However, the only problem with DIYing it is it’s hard to get a non spotty outcome.  According to the packaging, this John Frieda® color is salon quality guaranteed.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about using foam coloring as it’s easier to apply and that it’s not as splotchy as the normal brush on hair color.



Included inside the box are the protecting gloves, the developer (bottle 1), the color (bottle 2), After color conditioner (bottle 3), the vibrant locking sealant, and the foam cap.


After putting on my gloves, I mixed bottle 2 with bottle 1(The color and the developer)


The instructions say to mix it by gently tilting from side to side.  I was almost going to shake it up, but luckily I read the instructions. =)


Securely screw on the foaming applicator to the top of the bottle.


When you squeeze the sides of the bottle, it foams up like mousse.  The color starts out light, but turns to the final color as you apply it.


I applied it to my head and then massaged it in.  I continued to apply more foam to my hair and massaged my scalp a little more.


After getting good coverage, let it sit for 20-30 minutes.  I then washed it out with warm water and massaged in the bottle of conditioner. After washing you can also use the Vibrant Locking sealer to get that extra shine.


So here is the final look!!! I love it! It’s definitely a lot different.



What do you guys think?  Comment below!



FTC: Special Thanks to my viewers for giving me the opportunity to work with John Frieda® Hair whom is the sponsor of this post!

11 comments on “NEW Hair Color!!!”

  1. hello!! I apreciate this color on you <3 really love it (y), i did the same thing 2 weeks ago bad the sad part that the color wanished after my shampoo :'( i don't how to deal with it to save the color as long as i can :(. Thank you

  2. I love this hair color on you, but I’m wondering if you had any problem with fading or the hair dye. You haven’t been showcasing your recently dyed hair in your videos, so do you not like the new look? I’m curious because I want to purchase this product, but I know red fades out pretty quickly! 🙂

    1. My hair did fade but it’s the brown that faded more then the red. I had blonde hair before doing this, so I can see more of the red. The box indicated that it works better on darker brown hair. For now, I’m giving it a break from coloring and styling so I’m going to play around with some wigs 😉

  3. I used 8N, I always use 9n. I can,t find it anywhere. Whats up with that. My hair came out too dark. If I use my blond shampoo will that help lighten it up.

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