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My Story to Chanel & The Galuchat Boy Bag









The Chanel Boy Bag.  An item that many covet, dream about and desire.  The Boy Bag has been on my watch list since it was released and was a milestone bag for me.  I remember looking at the Boy Bag at my local boutique and whispering to myself, one day, one day.  I set a hard to reach goal and achieved it this year.  I finally reached my personal milestone and is time to treat myself for a job well done.  I would like to think that this is my very first new Chanel, however that title belonged to a black mini quilted tote that I purchased years ago.   It is no longer in my possession and is in another loving home.  The reason why I feel like this new bag is more official to me is this is my first brand new Chanel.  We all know the Chanel Boy is by far the most sought after bag after it’s debut a couple years ago.  I’ve always had my eyes on it but wasn’t ready to make the splurge.  After a year of hard work and my first anxiety attack, I felt like I was ready to mark my milestone in life.  My birthday was coming up in a week and the year is coming to an end.  So I finally gave myself the thumbs up to treat myself.

After giving myself the OK, I visited my closest Chanel to see the sections they have for Fall but left disappointed.  Ideally I would have loved to get my hands on the antique gold clasp Boy Bag in caviar leather.  Unfortunately, it was not in season.  Why do you tease me like that Karl?  They had similar styles on the shelves but all in lamb leather which I loath.  Personally, I feel like lamb leather looks outdated and is easy to scratch.  I wanted a material that has more durability especially for the cost I will be investing.

Today after a meeting that left me feeling excited for the future, I decided to stop by the mall to do some window shopping. Bad decision! Note to self: NEVER go shopping happy.  I wanted to see if Stuart Weizmann had the grey Highland in size 7.  As I walked into the mall, I got distracted by the Chanel window display and thought it would be nice to visit and say hi to the bags.  Lo and behold, there was a glistening mini boy bag sitting on the shelf that was calling my name… Ann…Ann…  It was small, black and shiny with aged silver hardware.  The texture of the bag was grainy, captivating and unique.  A little sales lady came up to me and told me that bag was part of a limited seasonal collection.  The material is made of Galuchat, Eric and I nodded pretending we knew what that is.  We then quickly googled that it’s the leather byproduct of stingrays after it’s harvested for food.  It was absolutely gorgeous and best of all, durable.  The texture of the Galuchat not only looks but feels like black rhinestones.  The bag was exotic and so beautiful when I picked it up and let it dance around on my shoulder.  It seemed so right.  But then I remembered why I was at the mall.

After admiring the bag, I gave it back to the sales lady and walked over to the shoe store.  As I walked and went into Stuart Weizmann, the only thing I could think about was the Boy bag.  I asked Eric several times for reassurance if I should get it (bad idea as Eric also loves shiny things).  Usually with a big purchase, I would give myself a year to think it through.  Looking back, I have been thinking of a Boy bag for over a year so it was time.  I promptly walked back to the Chanel boutique, put it on my shoulder again and knew it was coming home with me.  The sales lady and Eric nodded with approval and I took her home.  I’m not going to lie though, I did gulp a little when I handed the salesperson my card.  While this was a celebration for reaching my goal and becoming a year wiser, it was still a pretty large purchase.  When I got home, I quickly released the Boy Bag from it’s tissue paper prison and enjoyed the intoxicating smell and visual glory of a fresh new Chanel.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the year.