Fall Berry Lips & Style Transformation




Hey Everyone! I feel so out of balance living in this sunny state.  I have forgotten that it’s supposed to be Fall! Fall always come creeping super early over on the east coast but in California it’s taking it’s time.  I really miss the crisp air and colorful crunchy leaves on the frozen ground.  If it wasn’t for school season, I think the family and I would have revisited Massachusetts by now.  Recently, I had to film an episode for my mini Target series over on my Youtube channel and it was about fall transformation.  The berry color quickly entered my mind.  Since this summer I have been warming up to the color red.  It was all about the cherry/orang-y red in the summer and now I’m loving the blood berry reds.  I’m not giving up on fall fashion just yet, stay tuned for more!


Coat & Shoes Zara

Tee Target

Necklaces Jcrew

Hat H&M

Bag Givenchy