DIY Strawberry Pineapple Girl HALLOWEEN Costume


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Hey Everyone!

So here’s a fun and simple way to transform T-shirts into cute and colorful Fruit costumes! I saw these cute photos of fruit costumes in stores and the internet.  I decided to make them using T-shirts and some extra felt materials I have left over from previous DIYs!!!  I also painted my old shoes green 😉

On another note! As you guys know the internet is a big wild west.  There are billions of photos being shared all across platforms.  I have a job where I put myself and work photos out for the public. Sometimes I am credit and other times my work are stolen (from the photos to the execution and method I proud myself in).  The thought of someone taking something that is not theirs, annoyed me!  As a public figure, I come to learn how to accept it.  It’s part of the job especially in social media.  I try to look pass all of that, because the best part of my job is to inspire and help you guys to find creativity in your life- as I love finding inspiration myself.


Ann xx

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Red T-shirt

Yellow T-Shirt

White fabric

Green fabric

Brown fabric paint

Construction paper

Fabric glue or a sewing machine




1.) We are going to start by turning the red shirt into a cute dress with batwing sleeves. Make sure you use a T-shirt that is very large or long enough to have your desired length of a dress. Turn your t-shirt inside out and fold it in half. Mark about 1.5-2 inches from the bottom of the sleeve and make a line connecting to the armpit. Then draw another line from the armpit to partway down the shirt, curving inward dramatically to create a waistline. Cut out along the marks you’ve drawn.


2.) Sew up the areas you just cut, making sure to have a half inch seam allowance. You can optionally mark this seam allowance and pin beforehand. If you want to use fabric glue, you can skip this step and just glue the right sides of the fabric together along the cuts.

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3.) Turn the shirt back inside out so that the right sides are facing you. To create the strawberry seeds, cut out several teardrop shapes using white fabric and then glue them onto the shirt.



4.) For the hat, start by making a crown out of construction paper. Simply take a long rectangle and glue/tape the ends together.



5.) Strawberry leaves are wide and short. Cut out several wide triangles from the green fabric and glue them standing up on the outside of the crown. They will naturally flop over on their own.



6.) Glue more leaves on the inside of the crown, amounting to a total of four leaves on the outside and three on the inside. You can add as many or as little leaves as you desire.



7.) To create the stem, take all of your leftover green scraps and twist them together using glue. then adhere the bottom of the stem to the sides of the crown.


8.) To keep the hat from falling off your head, you can cut two holes on either side of the hat near the base and tie a string to secure it on your head.



1.) For the pineapple dress, repeat the first three steps of the strawberry costume, except with a yellow shirt.

2. ) Decorate the dress by drawing several upside-down Vs on the dress with brown fabric paint. It’s easier to do this if you get the fabric paint that comes in a squeeze bottle.



3.) For the hat, create a cone with construction paper and secure it with hot glue.



4.) To make pineapple leaves, cut out several tall and thin triangles with the green fabric. Take one and glue part of it onto the cone, letting the top part flop over freely off the cone. Keep doing this until the construction paper is covered in leaves.



5.) Once the first layer is finished, cut out a new set of triangles that is shorter than the first set, and glue them onto the hat in the same process as before. Repeat this for a third layer with an even smaller set of leaves.



6.) If there is any excess fabric sticking out at the bottom, cut it off with scissors. Just like the strawberry costume, you can make this hat stay on your head by cutting holes on the side of the hat and threading a ribbon through.



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  1. That’s so sad about the accusation! I have a feeling I know who accused you too. She’s blown up in the media and has a large following under STUDIODIY, is that right? Shame girls can’t simply support each other. Keep doing what you’re doing and shine on!

  2. Hi Ann! What size shirts did you happen to use? and where did you buy them? My friends and I want to be these for Halloween! Thank you!

  3. Hi Ann! I happen to like your strawberry costume but I got a problem on what fabric to use as a headdress. What is the name of that green fabric you used as a headdress. And where can I possibly buy it? Your response will be very helpful. Thank you so much.

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