DIY Mystical Fawn Headband (How to Make Antlers)



Hey Everyone! I come to you with another Halloween DIY!!! I feel this would also be super cute for a kid’s Christmas play as well.  Like I said with everything, there’s so many possibilities.  What inspired me to make this were the endless Fawn makeup tutorials on pinterest and Tumblr.  I saw that in some photos, the girls wore store bought headbands and I thought to myself “how cute and easy would it be to DIY one with Polymer clay?”.  So I tried it out and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out.  I hope you do too, Enjoy!

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Polymer Clay

Fake flowers





1.) Knead a half block of clay in your hands until it is warm and malleable. Roll out the clay into a sausage shape and then cut the top section in half using a knife.  It should look like a tree branch. Roll the two split ends to create a more tree branch look.


2.) Poke a toothpick through the bottom of the antler and leave it there. This will make a hole at the base of the antler so that you can secure it to the headband with wires.


3.) Make a second antler following the first two steps, and then bake the clay according to the instructions on the packet. Let the antlers cool completely and remove the toothpicks. You can paint the antlers with craft paint if you wish.


4.) Cut out about 12 inches of wire and thread it through the hole of one of the antlers. Wrap the two ends of the wire around either side of the antler and use hotglue to secure the antler to the headband. Do the same for the other antler.


5.) It’s time to decorate! Glue fake flowers onto the headband in any orientation that you like. For a little frosty look, you can add glitter by painting the tips of the antlers and generously sprinkling on glitter while the paint is still wet.



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