Oversized Boyfriend Shirt to Dress



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Hey Everyone!!! If you haven’t notice my blog, it has a makeover! We are in the testing phase.  I have been back and forth with this new company for about 2 years now.  It was a learning experience. Not the fun kind too.  C’est la Vie! What can you do but move on right?  There are times when make mistakes and feel very upset that someone or yourself let you down.  In times like that you can feel angry, mad, sad or just simply frustrated.  We’re all human and it’s part of life to experience ups and downs BUT reminder to not let those unhappy moments ruin your hopes and dreams.

On a style note! This is my pick for the day, an oversized denim dress.  I wanted a boyfriend feel, like as if I stole my guy’s top and made a dress of it.  I’m also kind of going through a denim phase as you can see.  It’s so easy to wear and perfect for this  fall.

Sunglasses HERE

Denim Dress HERE

Wedge shoes by Dolce Vita : Similar HERE




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