Off the Shoulder Chambray



Hey Everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer.  California is going through yet another heatwave, and I’ve been a hermit for the past couple of weeks staying inside my nicely cool home.  I’m excited for fall, how about you? I haven’t been back to New England for 2 years!  Fall time there is always so beautiful and chilly.  I kind of miss that, but maybe it’s because I’m frying in the California heat.

I haven’t updated you guys in a outfit post and I think it’s due to this layback OC life.  Everyday I just wear my flip-flops, shorts, and a tank.  It’s so relaxed here that I’ve lost my edge.  I’m like day and night when it comes to personal style.  I think spring and summer is when I’m relaxed boho but when fall and winter hit – I’m all about them high heel boots, black, and layering. Life, it’s just full of weirdness right?


Shoes Aldo

Shorts UrbanOutfitters

Sandals by MIA

Top denim-2 denim-1

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  1. I’m excited for fall too!!!!! guuurl I’ve been so lazy to dress up this summer. I’ve been wearing the same dress everyday. Your outfit is on point!

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