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Do you have a messy desk?  Did you know that a non-cute and messy desk will cut down on your productivity?  It’s not scientifically proven, but having a desk that you love will dramatically increase how much work you can get done!  Ok, maybe not, but I feel as if a clean and cute desk really helps me clear my mind and focus on the task at hand.  I have had this basic Ikea desk for years now and while it’s been faithful to me, it is definitely showing signs of age.  It’s time for a makeover!  The only question is that because it’s an empty canvas, what should I do with it?  I have been seeing marble being used all over as a new trending surface, and after a trip to Rome and Athens(they are obsessed with Marble), and all of you know about my obsession with gold!  With those cues in mind, it is time to get to work on this desk and a few DIYS!  Want to see how I makeover my desk?  Keep reading….

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The first thing I did was to wrap the top surface with a Marble print contact paper.  This is what I used and some alternative marble contact paper:

What I did was clean the surface first with a degreaser and then rolled out the vinyl to test fit it.

Desk OrganizationMarble

Eric helped me by taping down an edge and we peeled and applied it.  I used a wide quilting ruler to help press the surface down as I continued peeling off the rest of the backing paper. I recommend going slowly and press from the center to the sides to prevent any air bubbles.  After getting to the other side, we trimmed it to fit, folded down the front edge and cut the corners.  I’m pleasantly surprised with how good it looks for such a low cost.

Desk OrganizationMarblePaint

I then painted the metal hardware and the front edges of the table legs.  I also purchased metal pulls from my local hardware store, painted them gold and installed them.

Personalized Mouse Pad


Now that the desk is complete, it’s time to work on the DIY’s for the desk itself!  After all these years, I still don’t have a mouse pad.  Luckily my mouse still works fine, but it would be nice to add a pop of color on my desk with a DIY mouse pad!.  It’s super easy to make.  First, you will need a piece of cardboard, or an old rectangular mouse pad, a piece of cloth, and a heat transfer print.  You can use most inkjet heat transfer papers.
Desk OrganizationMouse1

I picked a cool graphic that I liked online, printed it on my trusty inkjet printer(Don’t use laser, it will get mess up your printer) and then cut it to fit and placed it on my cloth.

Desk OrganizationMouse2

Next, apply some spray adhesive to the top surface(not hot glue, as it can dry lumpy) to the cardboard and then apply your fabric on top.

Desk OrganizationMouse3

Flip it over and hot glue the edges down.  Let it dry and enjoy your new mouse pad!!

Cute Animal Memo Holders

Desk OrganizationAnimals

This is a super cute DIY that I made with some items lying around from another DIY.  This one is super quick and easy.  First, I used these cute little plastic animal toys from Vincent’s toy box.  You can get animal toys at the dollar store as well.  I also got some alligator clips from a shower curtain and a kabob stick.

Desk OrganizationAnimals3

I spray painted all the parts gold, drilled a hole on the top of the animals and then hot glued everything together.  Super easy and super quick to make!


Wall Art

Desk OrganizationWall

This one is probably the easiest and also the highest impact.  I found these beautiful prints online and purchased them.  They were printed on a cardstock paper.  Alternatively, you can print any image you want online on cardstock paper.  I then used these pretty gold binding clips I found from my local office supply store.  I put a clear thumbtack on the wall and voila, pretty wall art!

Desk Jar Organizer


This one is deceptively easy to do but is also super handy.  I know many of you are jar hoarders, like me. Candle jars, mason jars, sauce jars, you name it.  Let’s make it into some really crafty and useful for your desk!  First, you will need a selection of old jars.  If using a candle jar, make sure to remove the wax first =)  Clean your jars inside and out with warm soapy water and dry them off.


Next, you will need a wood plaque base like this one.  You can find this at Michaels or Amazon.  Make sure it is clean and dust free.


Take out your trusty spray paint and spray bomb your pieces.  Let it set to dry.



After letting everything dry, hot glue the jars to the base and voila!!!  Super easy!

Hope some of these DIY’s help you give your desk a makeover!



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  1. I’m so impressed with your projects. I was convinced you had used a piece of marble, until I read more.. can’t tell the difference. Your painted jars on plaque board gave me several ideas.. use in my bathroom to store my daily makeup brushes, lipstick, and more. Also good idea for holding sewing items that I use so often, but that seldom stay where I place them on my sewing surface. They go hide under the fabric I’m sewing or jump off the table onto the floor. Makes me crazy. Placing a few painted jars/candle holders on a plaque board is also more stable than a single jar (single jars fall over and they’ve occasionally jumped off the table too). Thank you for sharing your DIYs. I found your blog on the Yahoo Style, ’12 storage tips that Keep your Makeup Under Control’. So glad I did…already bookmarked several of your DIYs, including this one.

  2. hi Anne,
    I was wondering what measurement of marble film did you use?
    i wanted to try this as well but seems like i can’t find anythign with just 1 role of film. Please help! Thank you!

  3. Hi I’m deciding to add marble to my desk as well and I was wondering if you folded the vinyl under the table top part or did you cut exactly at the edge?

  4. Hello, did you happen to use some type of sealant for the marble vinyl to preserve it’s look and easy to clean from stain?

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