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Top 10 BACK TO SCHOOL Dorm Room Decor HACKS



Back-to-school is right around the corner! Many of you are going to want to be embellishing your new college dorm room or re-decorating your bedroom this year.I can’t believe that summer is ending and school is about to start up already. I hope these ten tips and tricks featuring some of my favorite easy room decor DIYs will help you prepare for this upcoming school year!

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1) This first DIY is great if you don’t have a headboard in your dorm space or if you want a faux canopy drape over your headboard. Start with a curtain or a big piece of fabric, cinch the top and tie it off with a ribbon. Now place a hook in the wall above your bed. You can also use a Command tape-on hook that shouldn’t damage your walls if you don’t want to make a hole with the nail. Next, loop the ribbon attached to your fabric onto the hook. You can hang something over the hook to cover it.  I used a heavy deer head mount because the nail in my wall is very sturdy.


2) Let’s add some color and texture to your bed, and you can do this with old clothes! In this DIY, I’m repurposing an old sweater that will look better on my bed than gathering dust in the closet. Make sure your garment is big enough to cover your pillow.  Turn your article of clothing inside-out, and cut out the fabric for your pillow, leaving at least 1 inch seam allowance. Leave one side of your pillow case about 2- 3 inch longer than the other side. Not many college students own a sewing machine (I know I didn’t!), but you can use a hot glue gun, which is much more affordable than a sewing machine for a college student.  Glue together the three sides that are the same length, then fold the longer side over and glue the edges to the opposite side. Wait for your glue to set and then turn your case inside out.


3) If you are like me, then you probably have tons of annoying charging wires. Here’s an excellent way to organize them in one spot and create a charging station. Find an old shoebox, and if you don’t like how it looks, you can decorate it with cute fabric or paper. With a box cutter, cut holes into one of the longer sides of the shoebox. Then cut one large hole on the shorter side of the shoebox. This is optional, but you can also get grommets at your local craft or dollar store to make your project look much better! Once you’re done, put in your multi-outlet surge protector.  


4) Lighting is very important for room decor, especially in the bedroom where you need to relax and feel rested.  Candles definitely add a soothing ambiance, but are not safe for dorms or a bedroom. LED candles are much less of a fire hazard and are a great alternative.  You can also decorate these and not worry about the design melting away! You can do a simple and lovely design yourself with a sharpie, gold paint, and glitter. Draw a feather shape on the candle, making wispy lines with the marker, and then trace over it with some gold paint. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle on some glitter. Let it to dry for at least an hour and then dust it off excess glitter with a brush. These candles with add a warm and relaxing ambience to your space just like real candles.


5) I love to keep the vibe in my space positive. Hanging something motivational and inspiring in your dorm room will definitely help uplift your spirit and anyone who you are sharing the space with. Materials needed for this project are a piece of fabric, paint, a pole, and string.  Start by figuring out the design and typography of your words. Then, cut out the fabric into a banner shape and trace your text onto the banner with a pencil. You can use either a sharpie or acrylic paint to darken and color the words. Let the paint set, then glue the top of your banner around your pole. Cut out a piece of rope, wrap them around the ends of your pole and secure them with some glue. Hang up your new piece and enjoy the good vibes! 


6) One thing I notice that makes a huge difference with my bedroom is having fresh live plants. If you work and study indoors a lot, keep a plant nearby! It will put your mind at ease and help give you some grounding balance. Start by taking out old jars and cleaning them. To add some design, try spraying them with gold paint. You can use tape to create shapes or just spray the bottom for a nice gradient effect. Then add in pebbles, potting soil, and succulents.  Succulents are low maintenance and need little watering, yet are very cute to look at.  


7) Here’s a fun way to display photos of people you love.  For materials you’ll need a stick, paper clips, and some string. Cut out a few pieces of string and tie them to the stick. Next, tie paper clips to the pieces of string, making sure to space out the clips according to your photo size.  Once you are done, you can add in your photos and hang your mobile up on the wall.


8) Once you finished moving, you are left with several crates and boxes that usually end up in the trash, but here’s a way to repurpose them. You can stack crates together to create a bookshelf. To create a table-up, place a similar sized serving tray on top of the stack.  Make sure to store heavy things like textbooks at the bottom to stabilize your shelf. 


9) Why go out and spend money when you have nature to inspire you? To add color to your room and keep your books in place, I have a cute pinterest-inspired way to make bookends! Find some rocks outside and pain them with acrylic paint. Afterwards, I spray painted the bottoms with gold to create a beautiful ombre effect.  This is super adorable and will liven up your space.


10) An easy way to liven up your plain dorm room walls is by using cork wall tiles and fabric.  Find fabrics in bright prints or something that will tie in with your room.  Cut enough fabric to wrap around your cork piece and glue it on with a hot glue gun.  Make a couple of these to hang on your wall. They can function as a pining board as well as colorful decorations!