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Summer is here and it’s time to get your legs on fleek!. It’s skirt, shorts and bikini weather and it’s time to bare those legs! In this weeks how to DIY video, I will show you some of my tricks and techniques on how I shave my legs. My friends at EOS sent me over some of their new shaving cream line to try out and I show you guys how to do a wet shave and even a dry shave(with no razor burn ladies!!) Also, I show you how to make a DIY sugar scrub and my exfoliation routine! Time to get your legs ready for summer with this DIY!!

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EOS shaving cream
-Bowl of water



1. Prep for shaving by exfoliating your skin. I use my own sugar scrub composed of 1/2 cup sugar, 5-10 tablespoons of natural oil, and a few drops of scented oils. Rub it onto your skin to get rid of any dead skin and then rinse it off with warm water, which will open up the pores on your legs.



2. Next, apply on a thin layer of shaving cream to your legs.



3. Take the razor and run it up your legs (against the hair grain) in short strokes. I used to use long strokes to shave my legs, but I found that this technique prevents me from missing any hairs.



4. Once you finish, run the razor across your leg a second time, but this time in downward strokes that go with the hair grain.



5. Rinse off your legs and pat them dry.



6. Afterwards, I like to buff my skin by rubbing a buffing pad in circular motions around my legs. This prevents ingrown hairs, but it can also irritate sensitive skin, so I usually only do it once a week.



7. Body brushing is another way you can make your legs smoother! Brush your legs in upward strokes to help the blood circulate. But make sure to alternate between buffing and brushing to not over-exfoliate your legs.



8. Once you are finished with exfoliating, clean off your legs with a damp towel and then apply your favorite moisturizer.





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