DIY CUTE Korean Beauty Hairband



After my Korean Haul video, a lot of you requested for me to do a DIY video of these super cute hairbands! These DIY hairbands are easy to make and are super handy when getting ready in the morning or getting ready for bed in the evening. With some common and simple materials, you can make a few for yourself and other loved ones! I love using these to keep the hair out of my face when I am trying to get my face on fleek. If you haven’t watched my Korean Haul video, you can see it here:

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-Colored fleece

-1 in. wide elastic bands



1. Cut out a strip of fabric that is 8 inches wide and 30 inches long. With this fabric, we are going to create a tube that will be the headband.



2. Fold the fabric in half with the wrong sides facing out and sew a 1/2 inch seam allowance on the opening side of your tube. Turn it inside out once you are done.



3. Measure out the circumference of your head and subtract about an inch. Cut out a piece of elastic with that length and then insert it into your tube.



4. Overlap the two ends of the elastic and sew them together. Do the same with your fleece tube, overlapping the two ends over your elastic band and sewing them together. This closes up your tube and should create a circular headband.



5. For the bow piece, cut out a second piece of fabric that is 6.5 x 4 inches. Fold the fabric lengthwise with the wrong side of the fabric facing out, and then sew up all three ends, but leaving a hole in the center. Use that hole in the center to flip the fabric inside out so that the right side is facing you.



7. Take out your fabric glue or hot glue, and attach the center of the bow piece to the seam-line of the headband.



8. Cut out a third piece of fabric that is about 2 inches wide and long enough to wrap around your bow piece.



9. Wrap the third piece around the center of the bow and headband, cinch it tight, and glue it down. Cut off any excess fabric that is left.