DIY Doggie {Pet} Teepee


Hey Everyone! Summer is here and today is all about our furry friends. Harley, my little Pomeranian hangs out in our yard a lot.  There are times when the California heat is scorching hot and we can’t take the poof out with us.  Therefore Harley hangs out in our patio, where he can walk around and stretch his shorty legs out on.    Although half of our patio is covered in shade, I wanted to make Harley a little summer tent/teepee so he can have a place to feel safe and nap in. It also looks super adorable to see him in it!

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To get this started, you will need…


Three wooden dowels, 48 inches long

Drop cloth or canvas fabric

3 yards of rope

Hot glue gun



1. For the cover of your teepee, you’ll want a half-circle shape for your fabric. Since the dowels are 48 inches long, you’ll want the radius of the circle to be 48 inches. To easily achieve this shape, begin by folding your fabric in half. Starting from one corner of the folded sides, measure out 48 inches and mark it. Pivot the measuring tape, keeping one end at the corner and marking at 48 inches. Continue pivoting in this fashion until you’ve made an arc on the fabric. Cut it out and you should have yourself a half-circle!smallfabric


2. This step is optional, but you can paint a design on your teepee using fabric paints. I’ve been obsessed with cactus so I painted on a lot of cactus and fun shapes onto my teepee.  small-paint


3. Now tie your three dowels together. You can do it however you’d like, but I used a method called lashing that my lovely Eagle Scout husband, Eric, taught me.

Start by making a clove hitch on one of the dowels. You do this by wrapping the rope around the stick making an X, and then taking the longer end of the rope and tucking it underneath the X. small-clove-hitch

Next, take the longer piece of rope that you tucked under the X and wrap it around the three dowels about 8 times. Don’t wrap it too tightly around the rods. small-lashing-1

Now it’s time to frap between the dowels. Take the longer piece of rope and tightly wrap it between the dowels over the rope already there. Then cross the rope over to the next section and wrap between the dowels.small-frap

Finally, finish off the tie with another clove hitch.small-end-lashing


4. Separate out the dowels to form a tripod. small-separate


5. Drape your fabric over the dowels and use a glue gun to affix it onto the dowels. I also liked to create a little triangle opening on the front for Harley to be able to get into his new home. small-glue-on



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    Emma Demcovich

    1 year Ago

    omg that’s so cute

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    This is so awesome! I was wondering if you could share the thickness of the dowels that were used? Thanks!

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    Cute! I do want to make this tepee. My small pup would like it…wonder if my ‘big’ pup (60+ lb retriever) will try to get inside too. I may need to adjust measurements to make it with larger diameter and just a little taller (mostly a bigger diameter so both can get in it). I think my big pup will sneak in it, and smaller tepee will probably not survive his visit, lol). Thank you!

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