DIY Easy Mini Watermelon Citronella Candles



Hey Everyone!!! I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful weather and outdoors. One of the things I love most about summer is cooking out.  It’s such a wonderful time to get all your family and friends together and just enjoy food.  Usually at a cookout, the guys are grilling and the ladies are chatting while snacking and drinking.  Everything about a cookout is fun EXCEPT for those pesky bugs!

Therefore… for today’s DIY I’m showing how you can make cute mini Watermelon Citronella Candles.  These candles will not only look amazingly adorable but they will help repel those pesky bugs.

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Color Pigments or color crayons – I recommend the color pigments

Soy Wax
Wax Pigments
Candle Wicks
Citronella Essential Oil – you can make this any scent of your choice
Watermelon Fragrance Oil


1. Mix your color pigments or crayons into your wax. I am using color pigments. They are super concentrated.

The amount of wax should depend on the size of your molds.  For the color ratio, you want to double the amount of wax for your red color.  Use 1/4 of Green and 1/4 of your White.

Put your wax in a microwavable safe container and heat it for 1-2 minutes. You can also put it in a boiling pot of water over the stove. Be careful that none of the water gets into your wax!


Watermelon Candles 1


2. Glue your candle wick on the center bottom of your cup. You can use a long thin object like a pencil to help push it down into place.



3. After melting your candle wax, add in your color and fragrance oil.



4. With the green color, fill up the cup about a quarter of the way up. I like to spray the top of the cup with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any air bubbles. Use a pencil or a popsicle stick to keep the candle wicks upright.



5. Once the green wax has cooled down, pour in a thin layer of your white wax. After the white wax has set, fill the rest of the cup with red wax.



6. Let the red wax cool down, then snip off the candle wick, leaving about a 3/4 inch sticking out.



7. Use scissors to make a small cut on the lid of the paper cup, then tear the paper cup off to release your candle.



8. If you want to add more design to your watermelon candles, you can draw the seeds on with black craft paint.



And you are done! Enjoy your adorable mini watermelon candles!




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  1. Ann you have the best DIYs ever.. Your channel is so chic and fine, I love how you explain each tutorial so well and of course all your end results of the work that you do.. simply in awe. I have already posted a video of yours on our fb page.. gonna share this video as well. 🙂

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