DIY Cute Taco Pillow Plushie (Father’s Day gift ideas)


Father’s Day is coming! Do you know what to get your father? Last year, I found a super cool top with taco prints on it and I immediately thought of Eric. He loved the shirt and wore it almost every other day until I told him he needs to stop (LOL).  Anyhow, this year I thought about that top and so I thought, “Why not transform that cute taco prints into a pillow?!”

This DIY is so much fun and if you love tacos as much as I do, you’re going to love this. I mean look how adorable it is… look at those taco eyes!


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Colored felt or fleece (you can make your taco any color!)


Measuring tape

Fabric glue or hot glue


1. Fold your fleece in half and cut out a dome-like shape to make the taco shell. Once you are finished, measure around the dome part of the taco.


2. Take out your second piece of fabric and measure 4 inches for the width. The length will be equal to the measurement you took around the dome from Step 1. Then, round the corners of the strip and cut 1 inch slits all around the edges.


3. Lay out your taco shell. Fold the second piece of fabric in half and lay it down on the top half edge of your taco shell. Begin glueing it down.


4. Along the way of glueing the strip down, you can insert and glue in smaller pieces of fabric. I used bits of green and browns that were cut out to look like vegetable and meat parts of the taco.


5. Once you have finished attaching one side of the strip, fold your taco shell fabric in half and glue it to the other side of the strip. You can continue inserting various pieces of fabric between the taco shell and the middle strip to decorate your pillow. Also remember to leave an opening for the pillow stuffing to go through!


6. Stuff your pillow! I like to put stuffing between the middle fabric to make my taco look more poofy.


7. Lastly, seal up the opening. You can also add any decorations you want here. I decided to put big round eyes and a happy little smile on my taco.




4 comments on “DIY Cute Taco Pillow Plushie (Father’s Day gift ideas)”

  1. Heyy!I love your videos!!BUt I don’t have father.He was gone in 2009.Than how can I make these.He even didn’t want to contact with us.

  2. Dear Ann,
    My name is Emma I know you might not get this but I am a big fan of your’s and I love your work. If or when you might get this i’d like to know more about you!!!
    from: Emma <3

  3. Hi Ann! I love this DIY project and I’m trying to make it for a Christmas present…however, I’m having a hard time figuring out the width of the pillow because my taco fabric seems too small when I cut it. Can you tell me the length in inches from one side of the dome to the other (just the yellow fabric)? Thanks!!

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