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Hello everyone!  Spring is here and summer is coming very soon! With the amazing weather there are going to be lots of parties and showers.  I thought about making a decor DIY for you space or declaration at an event.  This light-up flower is the perfect backdrop for the season.  You can make this for a wedding backdrop or baby shower.  Change the colors to fit your theme.  I am in love with this romantic looking flower frame.  The best part was I didn’t have to spend tons of money buying the items.  The flowers around are for sale and the frame was reused from an old picture.  Happy creating everyone!


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LED lights

Fake flowers

Garden fence

Glue gun



1. Measure out how much garden fence you need by placing it over your frame. You’ll want an inch or more to overlap the edges of your frame. Once you determine how much you need, cut out the sheet with a pair of scissors. small-Fence


2. Attach the fence to the frame using a hammer and nails or a heavy duty stapler. small-attach-fence


3. Now it’s time to put in the lights! This is an optional step, but your display will be more eye-catching if it lights up. Make sure you use lights that are safe for indoor use. I recommend LED lights or Christmas lights. Once you’ve positioned your lights to how you want them, use electrical tape to fix them onto the the garden fence. Tape lights


4. Take all your fake flowers and cut off the stems, leaving just the flower heads and leaves. small-flowers


5. Flip over the frame so that the front is facing you. Arrange the flowers and leaves on the frame, and once you are satisfied with the arrangement, glue them in with a hot glue gun. small-hot-glue-flowers


Enjoy your new room decor!



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  1. This may be a dumb question but how do you plug in the lights without the cord being visible?

  2. I luv it ..its really pretty the lights add a touch of romance …i really cant wait to try this one with lights or with out it wold be gorgeous

  3. Soooo ! Creative and Beautiful, Love this idea, would like to make to put on my patio this summer, to light up at night.

  4. This is so gorgeous and brilliant. And inspired by your description, I can picture this in a winter theme with poinsettias, snowflakes (paper or plastic), gold ribbons, etc. So in other words, you are a genius.

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