DIY Bath Shelf – My Personal Spa



Who here enjoys “Me Time”?  I can’t think of anyone who will turn it down.  A great way to make some “Me Time” is with a bath.  Today I’m showing you how to make your very own Bath shelf.  It’s super easy to make and will change your whole bath experience.  I love having a shelf over my tub.  It’s like my own personal spa.  I get to decorate it with crystals, bath salt, and my favorite candles.  You can also enjoy a glass of wine and read your favorite book.


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A long plank of wood about 8-12 inches wide

Foam brush

Wood glue or a high temperature heat gun



1. Start by measuring the width of your bathtub and adding 1.5 inches to the measurement. You want your plank of wood longer than the width of your tub so that it can sit on the edges. Cut your wood to the correct length using this calculation. If you don’t have the proper tools, your local hardware store may be able to cut the plank for you. small-measure


2. Use a scrap piece of wood to cut out a 1.5 inch piece of wood. This will become the lip of your shelf, which will prevent the plank from sliding around and falling off/into your bathtub. Glue it onto the end of your shelf using wood glue or hot glue. small-lip


3. Test that the shelf fits onto your tub, and then sand it well for a smooth finish. Make sure that there are no splinters or any dangerous sharp points on your plank. small-sanding


4. Wipe down your shelf to clean it of any dust and then apply on two coats of wood finish. This paint will protect your shelf from the moisture of the bathtub. Let it dry between coats for a couple hours. small-wood-finish


And you’re finished! Enjoy your bath time!