DIY Cute Spring Theme Cell Phone Cases



Spring is here and it’s time to refresh the loo of my cell phone.  What I love about these simple covers is how easy it is to change the look of your phone to reflect the seasons, your mood, or what interests you.  In just a few seconds, you can pop on another case and have a completely different look for your phone!  This tutorial works for any phone that you can buy blank or clear phone cases for.  Want to learn more?  Let’s get started!!!……


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Blank cellphone cases

Sharpie painting pens

Ok, we have three different phone cases that we are making today!

Spring Flower Theme

-Spray paint the cellphone case with chalkboard paint.

-Draw yellow flowers with a sharpie, making circle shapes to create five petals.

-Dab a little red in the center of the flowers to make their pistils.

-Use the green to draw in leaves and vines around the flowers.



 Ladybug Theme

-Clean the cellphone case with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or oils.

-Draw red ovals on the case with a sharpie.

-Color in the top of each oval with a black sharpie and then make a line down the center.

-Draw in two antennaes on the head of the ladybug and polka dots on the back.



 Desert Cactus Theme

-Paint the case in a color of your choice.

-Draw some connecting green ovals on your case with a sharpie.

-Use other colors to make the details on your plant.  Start with a darker shade of green to shadow in the cactus, brown for the dirt and black or brown for the needles.



 Galaxy Case Theme

-Water down some colorful craft paint and dab on the colors in different areas on the inside of your cellphone case.

-Spritz more water on the paint, and then blow through a straw to push around the paint and blend the colors together.

-Once you’re satisfied with the look, let it dry for a few hours.


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