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Ever since I introduced Harley, our little rescue poof, you guys have been requesting a doggy DIY! This new tutorial is perfect for all the small breed pet lovers, but if you like large pets, don’t worry, I have a DIY planned for you soon!

Harley loves to find weird places to sleep in the house. He likes to lie down on the stairs and he blends in so well with the carpet that I end up stepping on him or tripping over him! He now loves to sleep in his new doggie bed and it keeps him off the stairs, which is safer for the both of us. I used pet safe craft paint and bedding. I found a similar DIY in a book and knew that it would be perfect for Harley and my Shiners!

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Wood Crate

(I got mine from Home Depot here:

Craft Paint

Wood Knobs

Wood Glue


Wood Nameplate (optional)

Chalk Paint and Marker (optional)



1. Using a hammer, knock off the top two panels of the crate to make an open space for your pet to get into his/her bed. With a pair of pliers, put out any staples or nails that are left behind.


2. Wipe down the crate to clear it of any dust or dirt and then paint it with craft paint. Wait for your first layer of paint to dry for about 30 minutes to an hour before painting on your second layer.


3. The wooden knobs will be the foot stands to your dog bed. Glue them to the bottom of your crate with the wood glue. Optionally, you can paint them before glueing them on.


4. Take your pillow and remove or add stuffing according to the size of your crate. I wrapped my pillow in some extra fabric to make it easier to wash since I can just throw the fabric in the wash. This is an optional step, but you can use an old blanket, throw, or extra fabric.


5. For decoration, spray paint a wooden nameplate with chalk paint and then write your pet’s name on it with a chalk marker. Use a hot glue gun to stick it on the front of the bed.



6. For the last step, add your pet!


I hope you enjoyed this DIY. I know Harley does. He loves his new bed and he sleeps in it regularly now. Don’t forget to tag your recreations with #DIYwithAnn!


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