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DIY Hack Old Tops: Cute & Easy



If you are like me, then you have a bunch of tops in your closet that you never wear. I decided that rather than tossing them away, I’d revamp them into something that wouldn’t get left in the closet all year long.  Today, I am going to show you some super cute and simple DIY ways to give those neglected garments a makeover and turn them into new new and wearable tops! Check out these two tutorials and let me know which one you like better!


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-1 1/2 yards Lace trimming




1.) Start by turning the sweater inside out. Take your lace and wrap it around the bottom edge of the sweater to determine how much you need. Remember that your sweater may stretch so add in extra length to have enough space for your sweater to stretch. I recommend you first stretch out your sweater so that you know how much lace you need and to make sewing easier. I used two rocks, but you can use any heavy item to keep your sweater stretched out.



2.) Pin your lace onto your sweater.



3. Loop your thread through your needle and tie a knot at the end. Sew your lace onto your sweater. I used a criss cross stitch, which you can find a tutorial here, but you do not need to use this. There are many tutorials everywhere on how to hand sew different kinds of stitches.



4. After you are done sewing, tie a double knot and cut off the end. Flip the sweater inside out to see your cute handiwork!


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-1/2 yard crotchet fabric


1. Just like the first top, start by flipping your shirt inside out. Cut a strip out from the center back of your shirt.



2. Lay down the crochet fabric and figure out how much you need of it. If you want your shirt to fit the same way, make the crochet fabric the same size as the strip of t-shirt you just cut out. Since I wanted the shirt to be more loose fitting and the neckline wider, I spread out the cut line and used more crotchet fabric.



3. Cut out the crotchet fabric, roll in the raw ends of the fabric. Stitch or fabric glue it together to keep the ends from unraveling.



4. Flip the crotchet fabric around so that the right sides of the t-shirt and crochet fabric are facing each other, and the wrong sides are facing out. Pin the edges together.



5. Sew the fabrics together and remember to use a half-inch seam allowance and backstitching.



6. Flip the shirt back around and trim off any pieces that are sticking out.


Enjoy your new top!


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  1. Good morning,

    Your first project is lovely. I like it better for modesties sake. 🙂 Although they are both lovely.

    Marie K.

  2. Hi Anne. How are you doing?. I just want you to know that I love all your projects…I download your videos from youtube and right now I have more than 60 videos of yours. Keep up the good work.

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