Happy 2015!! A New Years Eve to Remember



image Hey All!!! I hope you guys had a safe and invigorating New Years!!! Wow… I think we can all agree when we say, “I can’t believe it’s 2015!”.  What did you guys do on New Year’s Eve? People are always talking about parties and entertaining ideas but I never know what to do.  Everyone I know are all hermits like myself. I used to live in Massachusetts so it was always too cold to go out and on top of that New Year’s Eve falls on a week day which means we gotta work the next morning.  Continue on to read more…

Now that I live in SoCal it’s hella cold today! Out of all the days – the New Year’s Eve Ann finally decides to go out of her cave, it’s cold.  Our little family (Eric, Vincent, Harley, and I) took a mini trip out to Fullerton.  One of my favorite tea houses is out there.  Our initial plan was to have tea and dessert then enjoy the New Year’s festivities along with a colorful firework show.  Upon arriving, we were greeted by a blast of ice cold air. Brrrr….!   Vincent and I quickly realized we were underdressed for the weather.  I wore my new red coat which is perfect for a normal SoCal winter but just not today.  The sleeves are 3/4 and the 3 decorative buttons doesn’t really help keep the nippy wind out. Let’s just say it’s a cute coat and that was it.  Vincent on the other hand, wore his crocs and a fleece jacket because he thinks he’s a bear.  Unfortunately, he’s not.  We headed off for a 2 block walk to the tea house.  Sadly once we got there, the tea house was closed! Regardless, we discovered a new pizza joint with exceptional service, delicious indulgences, and a busy town with family friendly activities. Aside from the cold, we had a perfect night spending time together.

image The City of Fullerton was hosting a First Night event.  The streets were closed down so people can safely walk around.

image This crazy looking thing is called Nutellamusu! It’s is a decadent version of Tiramisu(as if it needed to be any more decadent).  It’s Lady Fingers soaked in Hazelnut expresso and is layers of fluffy homemade cream with Nutella on top. #GoodByeDiet #IDied

image I had to get this Heart Attack called Deep Fried Oreos. So amazingly awesome! Words.  Can’t.  Describe.

image The only photo we took of us there. You know you had a good time whenever you forget to take photos.

image image image image We saw some chalk drawings on the ground and a bunch of sidewalk chalk laying around, so we all grabbed a chalk and wrote something to ring in the New Year.  Vincent and Eric drew their favorite characters of the year while I decided to write something inspiring to the folks passing by.  Harley helped me with this one.

image It was crazy cold out. Poor little Harley was shivering so I had to carry him in my coat.  We both kept each other warm. I know that’s nothing compared to other colder region but I’ve been spoiled by the SoCal goodness.

New Year’s Eve was a wonderful night and a great time to spend time with the family.  Nothing like ending the year with loved ones and delicious treats! Cheers to 2015 and Happy New Year!!!

xo Ann






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  1. I love these favorites! I’ve got to try them now. 🙂 Thank you for sharing Ann! I’ve been following you on YouTube and Instagram for a little while now and you’re very inspiring. Honestly, a rainy day over at your house making crafts with you would be so much fun. I’m a newly married Army wife and I’ve been enjoying finding my little niche in the blogging world since I’m home a lot (I also work from home). I’ve loved DIY’s ever since I was a kid–thank you for sharing all your fun ideas on your YouTube channel–they keep me busy on rainy and slow days! Love, Beth

  2. I watch all your videos on youtube but never really thought to check your blog out. I love it!!! Keep up the fantastic job.



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