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Hey Everyone!

It’s the end of another month and another year.  Where have time gone?  I’ve always thought I wasn’t big into beauty products until last week, I had no choice but to clean my makeup vanity.   My vanity was such an unorganized mess!

I usually watch other girls on youtube showoff their vanity and it always looked so nicely organized and well put together and so I immediately felt motivated to redo mine. However,   I felt super overwhelmed to just look at my mess. Anyhow, someones got to do it and that person was me.  As I was cleaning I saw many products that I have been enjoying this past year and been wanting to share with you guys.   Let’s start with a few of them for now shall we?



Deborah Lippmann Nail Polishes

These Deborah Lippmann glitter nail polishes were gifted to me in a goodie bag.  I left it around for months and then rediscovered them again.  The glitter polish goes on so beautifully.  If you want to go for lots of sparkles, I really recommend you try their glitter polish. Sephora usually has them in stock.


Lauren B. Polish Remover

This is my gold discovery of the year! I love this polish remover by Lauren B. It comes in a case with 15 pads so that means no spills (because how many times have you accidentally knocked over an open bottle of polish remover?). It’s also acetone free and it removes tough nail polish really easily. On top of all that, it smells really yummy.  Weird right? If really does!


Lush Sex Bomb

The Lush Sex Bomb is by far my favorite bath bomb! It’s a great blend of essential oils and includes jasmine notes, which is a very relaxing scent that reminds me of my trip to Asia. After a super stressful day, I fill up my tub with warm water, crank up the classical music, burn some candles for ambience and fizzle my bath water with this delightful bomb. After my bath, my skin feels soft and exuberant.


BeautyBlender Sponge

The BeautyBlender is a quite a popular sponge for foundation. Its teardrop shape is just so cute and versatile to use!  To use, you soak it in water and then the foam expands. It gives a really nice finish if you’re looking for a light to medium coverage.  The great thing about this, is you don’t have to worry about caked foundation on your face!  However the one con I don’t like about this is that it’s not very easy to clean.



Pixie Tinted Brilliance Balm and Pixie Light Catchers Eye Shadow

The Pixie Tinted Brilliance Balm is my favorite out of all the chubby lip pencils seen in stores. It’s rich in color and at the same time it’s moisturizing which is very important to me. The downside is the price, it’s is a bit much for something sold in Target along with their other items.   The Pixie Light Catchers eye shadow comes in a loose powder of 5-stack towers. It’s shine and glam look makes it perfect to wear for the holidays. It comes in a great variety of earthy tones, which also makes it also great to wear throughout the year.



Benefit Majorette and Cha Cha balm

The Benefit Majorette is a cream-to-powder blush which is helpful if you’re battling super dry skin this winter season.  This is certainly something you can carry in your bag so whenever you need a quick touch up, you can use your clean fingers to blend the blush onto your cheeks.  I find it easy to blend and carry around. The Cha Cha balm is bomb! Okay cheesy jokes aside, it’s actually really hydrating but tinted? No. Although it’s not super tinted,  it’s best worn under lipsticks and will give your that extra moisture on your lips.

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  1. Hi anne! I’m one of your fan here in the philippines. I really love your videos, all of it are inspiring, really want to meet you in person. I leave a message to ask how can i get rid with pimple marks on face, may i have some tips. Thank you! God bless.

  2. Oh dang, Beauty Blender is my absolute fave. You should really try out Art Deco’s products. They just expanded to the U.S. and they have 50% off on their new site

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