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If you guys follow me on my social media accounts, you know that I love using emojis. I use the kissing one and the heart eyes emojis the most. Maybe because I enjoy sending love out so much. I think emojis are so fun and cute, and they really help communicate how you feel.

So today we are going to be making emoji pillows! I will be showing you guys how to DIY my favorite two emojis. While this DIY uses a sew method, it can be easily done as a no-sew method as well. These pillow emojis are fun and easy to make and a perfect gift for a good friend or family you often send emojis to. Don’t forget to tag me with #DIYwithAnn on Instagram or post your creations on my Facebook and Twitter! I love to see your versions of my DIYs and it really inspires me when I see recreations.

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Yellow fleece
Pillow beding
Red and black felt
Hot glue gun


1.) Double up the yellow fleece with the right sides facing in and the wrong sides facing out. Grab a circular object in your house and trace it onto your fabric. I used the bottom of a bin for mine. Then use a ruler to trace a 1/2 inch seam allowance and cut it out.



2.) Now it’s time to put that sewing machine to work! Sew the two circles together and make sure to leave an opening so that you can turn the circle inside out. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can also hand-stitch, use fabric glue, or use a glue gun. I have plenty of no-sew tutorials and you can watch one of them here.



3.) To prevent the rippling along the seam line, I recommend that you cut triangles along the seam allowance. After you are done, turn the circle inside out.



4.) Sketch out the details of your emoji face onto a piece of paper, then cut it out to make your paper templates. Place these cut-outs onto your fabric, then trace and cut them out.




5.) Arrange the face pieces on your pillow until it looks good to you, and then hot glue them on.



6.) Let the glue settle, then stuff your pillow with bedding. Use a hot glue to seal up the last opening and you are done!



You can also watch the video tutorial below! Don’t forget to tag your recreations with #DIYwithAnn. Let me know what your favorite emojis are!



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  1. So cute!! Definitely will be making this one day.Love watching your videos,they’re so inspiring and amazing.

  2. I am so much happy with this DIY emoji pillow I will make tons of this ones and sell it so I can buy more and make it into a business here in the Philippines.

  3. I made these for my grandkids for Christmas, just found your sight, I even made the poop pillow I hand drew it on the fabric.

  4. Super cute definitely will be making some of these for my daughters room. Thank you so much for the great tutorial.

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