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7 Unique Ways to Wrap Your Gifts



Are you bored of just grabbing the nearest roll of boring old wrapping paper when it comes time to wrap up gifts? What about when your gift is round, bumpy or just plain odd shaped?! Do you want your gifts to stand out from the pile? Great, because after wrapping gifts for so many years, I’ve assembled 7 cute ways to kick your gift wrapping  up to the next level! After this, you’ll be wrapping like a pro…

Let’s get started!




Gift Wrapping 1

The Basics

First off, here’s a basic primer on how to wrap a standard box shape with paper! The trick is the line up the edges of the paper so it matches at the fold for the neatest look. Gently crease the paper over the edges of the box, but don’t use a lot of pressure as that can rip the paper especially on corners! For the ends, fold in the two small sides, then fold down the ends of the triangles for a blunted point. Make sure the top of the box has the fold on top for easier opening! Top with a ribbon or bow and voila!




Gift Wrapping 3

Gift Wrapping 4-2


Fabric is a great wrapping material, especially for odd shaped items like vases or snow globes. You can also fill up your vase before starting for a fun kit or beauty box! Best of all, this method requires no cutting or tape, so you can wrap a gift in a pretty scarf as an added gift! Take a large piece of cloth, center your item, then carefully pull the cloth up around the item, tucking and folding the material as needed. For a vase, you can stuff the cloth into the vase then tie the ends of the material around the neck of the vase as a cute bow, or gather above the top of the vase and use a ribbon to tie it up! Decorate with ribbons and bows for a charming presentation.




Gift Wrapping 7

Craft Paper

Also known as butchers paper, this heavy-duty roll paper is a perfect blank canvas for many gift ideas! Here, I cut out a pair of holiday shapes, then sewing around the border for a quirky and fun wrap! Small items or soft items work best for this project, as shape edges can easily punch through the paper. And make sure your shapes are generously sized- you’ll need a gap all around the edge of the present so you can comfortably sew! Use a contrasting thread for best results. If you don’t want to sew, you can also use glue, and I’d recommend a thick tacky glue or hot glue gun as the craft paper is much thicker than normal paper. If you decide to glue, make sure the glue doesn’t leak onto the gift by just cutting a larger shape and leaving a generous border around the gift, and maybe wrap the gift in plastic first.




Gift Wrapping 2

Magazine or Newsprint

To add a pop of color to any gift, try wrapping with magazine pages or newsprint. This can be a unique way to add color and images suited to the receiver, and is something many people already have around the house! Quick tip- because the print can bleed, I’d recommend wrapping boxes in this fashion and not clothing, books or any items easily stained. Start at an angle to maximize the paper, keep the colors similar from page to page for the best look. Raw, torn edges can look interesting, so play around with layer the pages, letting different colors and images peek through at corners or sides! If you end up with uncovered parts, simply tear up some pages and slip under your main papers, taping to make sure they don’t slip out, and the beauty of the images and the collage effect means that it’s not noticeable!




Gift Wrapping 66


Craft bags are another great basic tool at is easily customizable and has endless variations! A simple brown paper lunch bag can look elegant and refined with a little trim. Using a paper punch or simply freehand with scissors to create a patterned edge, then fold over and secure with twine, ribbons or lace! A tag is held securely in place by threading ribbon through the holes in my bag here, and gives a bright pop of color to a minimalistic  wrapping. Painting or coloring the bags would be a fun craft with kids too, but make sure to slide a piece of heavy-duty cardboard into the bag to protect the colors from bleeding through!




Gift Wrapping 6


Glass jars are so much fun, and mason jars are so popular right now, why not use them to show off your gift instead? Pre-assembled dry good recipes are a wonderful gift for the holidays, and by layering the ingredients by color and texture you can create all sorts of beautiful, handmade gifts without much effort. Best of all, these gifts are easy to customize for people who are gluten-free, have allergies or dietary restrictions! Simply layer the ingredients in contrasting colors, putting heavier items at the bottom. Tie a simple bow and attach some garlands for a more polished look. Attach a small printed recipe card with a list of all the included ingredients, any liquids and of course the cooking time necessary to finish it off!




Gift Wrapping 5

Oven Mitt Set

Another way to gift wrap is to use the present itself as the wrap. I love giving cooking sets as gifts, and for a fun presentation I like to put all the utensils in a oven mitt kit. This is a fun way to create a custom gift as you can pick out objects that suit your friend or family. And since the oven mitt is the wrapping itself, find a cute color or pattern and top with a bow. This is such a quick gift idea, but looks amazing and thoughtful!


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