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I remember my first experience traveling on my own.  I am still cringing thinking about it.  It was Thanksgiving week and it was time for me to go home for the holidays.  I was in college and I thought I knew everything.  I crammed everything into two suitcases (even my dirty laundry) thinking that it would be easy to put them on the airplane.  Have you ever sat on your suitcase to try and squish it down to zip up?  Yeah, I was that girl.  It didn’t dawn on me that I may have overpacked until I had to carry my suitcases down the really long flights of stairs of my dorm.  That was a terrible experience, but I figured, “no big deal, I’ll need all this stuff.”  Even the taxi cab driver rolled his eyes and he popped a vein trying to throw my heavy suitcases into the trunk of his car.

Fortunately, I’ve learned a bit from that experience. Are you traveling this holiday season? Here are some essential tips to help your vacation from turning into a disaster!





1.) Wash your hands!

You’ve probably seen these signs a thousand times, heard this a million times, been told this a billion times, but it’s even more important for travel. Washing your hands is the most significant way to stop the spread of disease. CDC reports that 80% of infectious diseases are spread through touch. Stay healthy this winter season!




2.)Don’t pack anything you haven’t worn before.

You don’t want to find out that your dress doesn’t fit or that the jacket is too flimsy while on vacation. Also new shoes and blisters. ‘nuff said.

3.) Research your airline policies for baggage.

Make sure that your carry-on luggage complies with TSA policies. And if those guys do end up taking something, check with your destination hotel before dashing to the nearest drugstore to replace it. Most of them have toothpaste, disposable razors, combs, and shower gels that they will give their patrons free of charge.



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4.) Check the weather for your vacation spot.

It may be bright and sunny where you are, but it could be pouring rain at your destination. Nothing’s a bigger surprise than arriving to blistering heat with only snow jackets.




5.) Don’t forget your chargers!

Whether it’s for your camera or your cell phone or your tablet or your Gameboy 3DS or whatever new technological device they’ve come out with these days.




6.) Eat the local food.

Don’t be scared to try something new. But also don’t be stupid. You don’t want to spend the rest of your trip in the bathroom and down with food poisoning.




7.) Get souvenirs and take photos.

Unless you have an eidetic memory, these are some of the best ways to fondly remember your trip. Even better, bring a journal and make daily logs of your journey.


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