10 Christmas Traditions


I love Christmas so much! The festive holiday atmosphere always makes me so cheery. My household doesn’t do many holiday traditions, but back in England when it snowed there, Vincent would love going outside to play with his friends. We would try to make a snowman, but we always failed because the snow was too slushy! Now that we are in Southern California, we’ll have even less success with making a snowman. Because it doesn’t snow here.

Oh well. Here I’ve made a list of what I think some of my favorite Christmas Traditions that everyone should try this holiday season with their loved ones!

1.) Build a gingerbread house


gingerbread house


2.) Setting up Christmas decorations (stockings, lights, wreaths, you know the drill)




3.) Baking delicious cookies




4.) Take a picture with Santa




5.) Build a snowman




6.) Wrapping gifts for friends and family


wrap present


7.) Go Christmas caroling




8.) Get the perfect Christmas tree and decorate it




9.) Kiss under the mistletoe




10.) Writing a letter to Santa




Photos found via Google Images


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