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Are you guys ready to start week two of #DIYmas? Last week was all about the home, this week is all about gifting! Don’t you just love snuggling up with a warm pillow? What about hugging an adorably cute PENGUIN or OWL? Ok, ok, I guess we can’t have the real animals, but fortunately I’ve made the perfect replacement in these snuggly little guys! As part of gift week for #DIYmas, these are a great gift because you can pick out fabrics in your recipient’s favorite colors and patterns! Fuzzy & furry or smooth & sleek, it’s all about what they like best! And they are a GREAT project for this long holiday weekend, easy to adjust to all ages and crafting talents. Read more after the break or watch the video HERE!

So let’s start…

Owl and Penguin Pillows

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Craft Paper

Fabric of your choice for body

2nd fabric in contrasting pattern (Owl only)

Black, White and Orange felt for eyes, beak and face

Batting or stuffing


Sewing materials or hot glue gun




1. First, fold your craft paper in half and create a template for your pillow. For the owl, it almost looks like a fancy J, and for the penguins like a large half-oval. Cut out your template.

2. Fold your main cloth in half, right sides together, wrong side facing out. Use your template and cut out your shape.



3. Now decorate the front. Cut out circles for eyes, a triangle for the beak. For the penguins, make an S-shaped template from craft paper folded in half. Unfold, then cut out white cloth or felt for the face and attach to the body with hot glue gun, then add the eyes and beak.

4. For the owl, use the craft paper to create a curvy heart-shape. Unfold, then cut out of the 2nd fabric for a contrasting belly. Cut out two large white circles for the eyes, two smaller black circles for the pupils, and an orange triangle for the beak. Use the hot glue gun to attach all these to the front of the owl.


5. Now, either sew around the edges or use the hot glue gun for a no-sew option, leaving the bottom open with a space big enough for your hand. Once done, flip it right side out.


6. To stuff, you can use either batting or the stuffing from an old pillow. For the owls make sure to stuff up into the ears! For both pillows, you want to firmly pack the stuffing in so they will sit upright by themselves. As you go, smooth the stuffing out on the inside so there’s no lumps or bumps visible from the outside. Make sure you use enough stuffing now, and pack in more than you think as pillows will loose their shape!


7. Once done stuffing, finish up the bottom edge, again either sewing or gluing to close it up securely. If you want, you can add a removable scarf, mittens, bowtie or other seasonal decoration to match the current holiday. Toss on a couch or bed and enjoy!



I named my favorite guy Walter, but soon Walter and his friends will be off to new homes! Do you have a friend or family member in mind for this gift yet? Tell me about it below, plus don’t forget to tag and credit me at #DIYmas and #DIYwithAnn when sharing your completed projects, or even different stages- I’d love to see what your animal pillows look like! And have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING tomorrow! If you’d like to see the video, it’s embedded below. I”ll see you guys again Friday…


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  1. hello!they are very cute and amazing can you please upload the templates? Because I don’t have your skills to design
    Thank you so much

  2. I’m going to do this for my friend’s birthday!!! I’ll send a picture as soon as i finish it <3
    Love you!!

  3. Dear Ann!

    This is very cute! I especially like it because it doesn’t require any sewing skill 🙂 But I am not too good at drawing.. can you send me templates to the Pingvin pillow?

    Thank you very much!

  4. I love these! I can’t decide if I like the penguins better or the owls. Thanks for putting easy to follow instructions and pictures!

  5. Hi! I would love to do this has a christmas day craft. I wanted to know how long does it take to make the penguin pillows? Also does the hot glue stick well?

    Thank you!!

  6. Hi! i would really like to create these cute pillows for this coming Christmas. I was just wondering where did you find fabric fleece. I am having difficulty finding them. Please help

    1. And sorry one more question. If i wanted to create 7 of these pillows, approximately how much fleece would i need?

  7. Love these. Great idea for my daughter to make some Christmas gifts. Would you be able to send me your templates?

  8. I love these but I’m not skilled at making templates. Do you happen to have a file that I can print off of? Thank you

  9. I loved your penguin and owl tutorial. Only one complaint, which I have with everyone that is giving instructions , WHY OH WHY do you have to have music in the back ground, some instructors don’t even talk just have music on…. That is so frustrating and annoying.

  10. They are so cute and adorable. This is a perfect project for a
    Home economics class or something. I love crafting and this is a genius idea. I am so making this for my room

  11. This is adorable. I want to make 5. By any chance do you have a template of the penguin parts (body, eyes, face, noise)? It would really help me out. Thanks!

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