DIY Winter Wonderland Snow Globe Terrarium



Hi Guys!!! I don’t know about you, but I love my little snow globe terrariums. I just uploaded this video tutorial today on youtube. They’re such a great way to bring the outdoors and green plants inside, but now with winter coming I wanted to bring some snow inside instead!  Here is a super easy Holiday project you can do with the family.  I especially love this DIY because it reminds me so much of playing make-believe.  How many of you were dreamers growing up? Me! I used to daydream of my make-believe world and now I can finally make it! These winter terrrariums are so fun and beautiful to look at.  They’re like big snow globes.  Today’s #DIYmas we’re going to bring our imagination to life and put them in glass jars!


Let’s get started, shall we? Read more after the click…


Winter Terrarium




1. First, clean your glass jar! This project is so cute, you’ll definitely want to have a clear look at your finished terrarium without a smudge.

2. Fill the bottom with epson salt or craft sand. Because every jar is different, use as much as looks good to you! Just make sure there is enough to “plant” your ornaments firmly.


3. Decorate! I found this adorable little winter lodge, and painted it gold, but you can use old christmas ornaments, small trees, little figurines, winter garlands… the possibilities are endless! If you want to have a certain color scheme you can always paint your objects like I did, but this project doesn’t require painting. The most important thing is to bring your idea of winter into your home!


4. To finish, you can lightly sprinkle some glitter over your finished scene to create snow, and enjoy!


I love looking at my terrariums while I’m sitting by the fireplace, so I have them sitting on my end table, but where would you place yours? Let me know in the comments below! Of course, don’t forget to tag and credit me #DIYmas or #DIYwithAnn so I can find all your winter wonderland landscapes, and I’ll be back very soon with our final #DIYmas Home Decor challenge of the week… See you then!

Love, Ann


6 comments on “DIY Winter Wonderland Snow Globe Terrarium”

  1. Hi Ann:
    Thank you for the idea and instructions, I loved it. I was wondering though if you could advice me on how i can make the little figures inside not move in the jar is to be moved around to give that “it’s snowing” effect? would glue work?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Hi! Glad you like this DIY! 🙂 You can actually find those in stores like michales, Joann’s, Target, or even Walmart. They sell little figures that ice-skates etc. I don’t know if you’ll be able to find a size small enough but it’s worth looking around 🙂

      1. Great. I’ll check it out. Thanks a lot Ann and best of luck 🙂 you are really amazing and inspiring xx

  2. Hi Ann,
    Is there any way to add lights? My niece made these for gifts. I don’t see her often and I want to make my own gifts. ( She didn’t give me one)

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