DIY Icicle Branches & Frosted Candle Holders


Hey Guys! It’s day two of #DIYmas and I’m so excited to see what you guys come up with as well, so don’t forget to hashtag your creations either under #DIYmas or #DIYwithAnn so I can take a look! How are you enjoying #DIYmas so far? I’m absolutely LOVING all the fun new decorations around my house, and can’t wait to share them all with you this week. Today I have TWO projects for you, and they really add so much wintery goodness and sparkle that I had to share them both today!

First off, we have these fabulous Icicle Branches! Here in sunny California, I miss seeing the beautiful icicles forming outside my windows- but even then I never enjoyed them inside my house. Now we can enjoy a winter wonderland no matter the weather and from the comfort of inside! These are a quick, fun project so let’s get started…


Icicle Tree Branches  



  • Small foam paintbrush
  • Tray for glitter


1. First, strip the bark off all your branches. You can either buy branches from a craft store or just use naturally dropped branches you find outside!

2. Once the branches are smooth, paint a coat of white paint over the entire branch.

3. While waiting for the branches to dry, mix together your craft sand and glitter. If you can’t find craft sand, you can also just use white glitter.

4. Starting with the top, smallest branches, work in small sections and paint the branches with modge-podge, then sprinkle your glitter mix onto the wet modge-podge. Do this over the tray so you can shake off the excess glitter. Work your way down the branch, and leave the last 2-4 inches uncovered. Let them dry completely.

5. Place the dried branches into a vase or other container of your choice and enjoy these cool icicle branches in the warmth of your home!

These are so pretty by themselves, but you can also add small LED lights or tiny ornaments like I did here to really make it sparkle like a winter wonderland! But what’s winter without the cozy glow of candles? For our next DIY, we’re going to glam up some basic candle holders and make them into Frosted Candles using those same basic supplies.


Frosted Candle Holders


  • Candle Holder
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • White Paint
  • Silver glitter
  • White craft sand
  • Modge-Podge or Tacky glue


  • Small foam paintbrush
  • Tray for glitter


1. First, clean off your candle holder with rubbing alcohol. This removes all the natural oils from your fingers and makes sure that your modge-podge, glue and paint stick!

2. Now, we’re going to paint our icicles- think about how water drips down and flows- this is super easy to personalize, and very forgiving to any little mistakes! After it dries, use either mode-podge or tacky glue and go over the white paint.

3. Again, you can mix together your craft sand and glitter, or just use any leftover from the icicle branches! Holding your candle holder over the tray,  sprinkle your glitter mix onto the wet modge-podge. Remember, doing this over the tray means you can shake off the excess sand and glitter as you work! Let them dry completely.


4. Enjoy! I love seeing these on my mantel, but they’re so versatile they really can go anywhere, don’t you think?

I can’t wait to see what you come up with based off #DIYmas, so make sure you tag your DIYs so I can check them out, and if you find something that works great for you, please leave a comment below. If you likes these, please Pin, tweet or share these awesome photos I made for you guys with credit- and I can’t wait to show you guys what I have planned next.  Until then, Ciao!


Here’s a few fun pictures I made especially for Pinning or posting! More Wintery goodness to look at!




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  1. These jars are so cute, I think I’m gonna try out to make some and give them to my friends for Christmas (:

  2. I love these easy ideas and I love the fact that it saves you from spending too much on decorations over the holidays.

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