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Hot Chocolate Spoons

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying your week. I’m up the mountains at Lake Tahoe at Heavenly resort. Which definitely lives by it’s name.  This place is so beautiful.  If anyone of you have never been here and loves to play in the snow, definitely check out Lake Tahoe.

Back to DIYs!!! Today I just unwrapped another fun and easy #DIYmas video! Did you guys get a chance to create any projects from #DIYmas so far? For this project we are going to make DIY Hot Chocolate Stir Spoons.  I saw something like this sold in stores and online and immediately knew I had to make some myself!!! They turned out so colorful and yummy looking.  These hot chocolate spoons are great for party favors, gifts or even just a great boost for your own drink on a chilly night, and are easy to make to your taste.  Simply take the spoons and stir them into your hot beverage. You can personalize it for the person you’re giving it to with their favorite chocolate and candies, and it makes such a thoughtful gift paired with a box or tin of hot cocoa.

Shall we get started?


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1. Melt your chocolate in the microwave in 30-second increments. Never overheat chocolate, as it will lose its texture and taste. After each time, gently stir until it’s completely smooth. It should only take about a minute to reach this consistency.


2. Take your plastic spoons and dip them into the chocolate, completely covering the bowl of the spoon. You can either just fill the spoon, or completely cover the spoon up to the handle, it all depends on which look you like!


3. Set the spoons down to cool on the wax paper, and while the chocolate is still melty drop in your extra topping, pressing them gently into the chocolate if needed. If you want, you can also drizzle designs in other colors of chocolate over your base coat, just wait for the first coat to cool first.


4. Take the wax paper and place in the refrigerator until all completely chilled. Now your spoons are ready to use or gift! They make a great gift with tins of hot chocolate.



Mmmmmm, such a sweet gift! Maybe make a few extras to keep for yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll need them next week? Oops, I guess we’ll just have to wait until next week’s #DIYmas to learn more…In the meantime, tell me below what toppings you think work best for this gift! As always, I’m looking at #DIYmas and #DIYwithAnn so if you want to share your versions with me, tag, credit and share!

Until tomorrow, Ciao!!


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  1. Hello Ann! How are you today? Hope you and your family are having fun at Hawaii? I am a great fan of your…I mean your superfan. I download almost all your videos and I love love the way you spend…I adore you so much, my boyfriend does too. #happydiymas#…#cheers#

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