DIY Christmas Stockings


Wow, I can’t believe the first week of #DIYmas is already over! Not only did I make it through the week, but I made all these great home decor items this week just for you guys, and to wrap up (haha) our theme we have a really fun project making Christmas Stockings. These stockings are so great because you can use any fabric and the customizations are just endless. In fact, I’m so excited to see all the different choices you guys make and share with #DIYmas and #DIYwithAnn!

So let’s get started, shall we?


Holiday Stocking DIY

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Craft paper

About ½ yard of felt or fabric of your choice

2nd fabric in fuzzy or furry material




Hot glue gun or Sewing materials


1. First, we will create a template on the craft paper. Draw a stocking shape like so:


We are going to add about 4” to the top of our shape for the fold. I want my stockings to be about 8”x18” when finished so the total length of our template should be 22” long, but yours can be any size you want. Cut out your template.

2. Fold your main fabric in half, with the right side facing together, the wrong side out. Cut out your stocking shape using the template. Keep the pieces together, and either sew or hot glue them together, leaving the top open!



3. Turn the material inside out, waiting for it to completely dry if using the hot glue gun. Now fold down the top about 4”. Take your 2nd fabric and measure out the width of the fold, and add 1”. So if your fold is 4”, measure out 5”. This additional material is going to fold inside the stocking, hiding the seam at the top. Make sure the length wraps completely around the stocking, and again leave an additional inch or so to create a seam here on the side.


4. Glue or sew the fuzzy fabric around the stocking, creating a clean seam here on the side by folding each end of the material to show a smooth edge. Now, tuck the extra material inside the stocking at the top and glue it on the inside!

5. Finally, we’re going to take a scrap of fabric to create a loop. We just need a piece about 6” long. Fold it over, and attach it on the inside to the straight-edge side, so that the stocking hangs correctly.


Hang and enjoy! This is a great project to craft with friends or family as they look so festive with several hanging up together. As you can see, I like mine on the fireplace mantel, but would’t they look cute going up stairs, or hanging from a window! Where will you put yours?

Well, that’s all for week one of #DIYmas! Next week I have a bunch of very cool gift ideas in week two just for you guys and I hope you’ll continue to tag and credit me at #DIYwithAnn and share all your fantastic projects.

See you next week, Ciao!

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  1. Great Xmas DIY love all your DIYs. And I like how you list the instructions on your blog. So I was wondering were you going to put the instructions to your pumpkin scented lotion on your blog soon? Thanks

      1. Thank you! Very much because I’ve did your other whipped butter diy and it works fantastic and I am looking forward to trying this diy as well. 😀

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