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DIY Christmas Reindeer Wall Art Hey Guys! How excited are you for cold weather and winter to start? I love winter and all the fun projects that come with the holiday seasons, so to kick them off I’ve decided to be extra ambitious and celebrate #DIYmas– a new DIY every other day for the next three weeks!! We’re going to kick start #DIYmas with this festive DIY Wall Art! The holidays are coming up and this is a perfect DIY for any room of the home. I’ve linked my video below for those of you who like to watch, and click for more instructions and pictures below…

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Craft paper


3-D mount



Clear Sealant or Modge-Podge


  • Scissors
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint Brush
  • Markers


1. Use painter’s tape to create a pattern on your canvas. I decided to make stripes, but you can make any design or pattern this way.Paint the canvas and while the paint is still wet sprinkle your glitter on the paint so it sticks. Let it dry, then either spray with a clear sealant or cover with a thin coat of modge-podge. If you are using modge-podge, it will look milky, but dry clear- don’t worry! Wait for this coat to dry, as this will keep your glitter from falling off the finished project.

2. Paint your 3-D mount to match, and cover with glitter while wet. Once it dries, put on a clear coat as well. While many things will work as a mount, I’m using a plastic cup here today.

3. Fold your craft paper in half and trace a reindeer head on the craft paper. Don’t worry too much about making it look like mine- remember, this is YOUR awesome wall art! Personalize!! Cut it out, then unfold and use the template to cut out your head from the cardboard.

4. Paint your cardboard reindeer head, cover in glitter and once dry, cover in a coat of your sealant as well.

5. Attach the 3-D mount to the canvas with a hot glue gun, then attach the head to the 3-D mount. If you’d like, add decorative trim such as ribbons, holiday garlands, whatever looks festive and fun!


Hang or place on your mantel and enjoy!   Don’t forgot to PIN, SHARE & CREDIT! I’d love to see your creations this week with #DIYmas so I can find them!


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