DIY Candy Ornaments



Hey guys! Wow, can you believe we’re already on day three of #DIYmas?! I’ve been having so much fun whipping up all these fantastic home decor ideas for you, and I can’t wait to see what you have to show me. I’m so impressed by how fast some of you have whipped up your own spin on #DIYmas, and I’m so happy to see folks creating #DIYwithAnn. Remember to use those hashtags so I can see all the great things dreamt up!

Today, we’re going to make DIY Candy Ornaments! I was inspired to make these while out shopping, and saw These are made from polymer clay, which comes in tons of colors and is really easy to use, and you can find at most craft stores. Now, these little guys might look delicious but sadly we can’t eat them. Think of them as a teaser for a future week of #DIYmas… I can’t say much else right now though, so for now let’s get started!

DIY Candy Ornaments- 

Note: Baking times for polymer clay vary accord to brand, so make sure to follow the directions on your packaging!


Polymer Clay, any color you like

Rolling Pin

Cookie Cutter

Butter Knife

Lollypop Instructions:

1. To start, we need 1/4 block of two colors. I’m using white and blue, but personalize and pick colors you like or think look great together! Roll between your hands and knead until soften by your natural heat, then roll into long thing tubes about 5″-6″ long. Make sure the thickness is consistent throughout the entire tube! Make one color about one inch longer than the other.


2. Take the longer color and fold it over the end of the shorter color (press them together lightly so they keep their shape ) and then start rolling them while laying flat.


3. Continue rolling in a flat circle creating your classic lollypop shape.

4. When you get to the end, pinch the clay against the side so it’s firmly attached. Poke a hole in the top for the ribbon using either the knife or a chopstick. Bake in the oven as directed by your packaging and let cool. Once the clay is cool and firm, glue a popsicle stick to the backside, thread a ribbon through the hole and hang!


Cupcake Instructions: 

1. For Cupcakes, we need 1/2 block of two different colors, plus a tiny bit extra in other colors for sprinkles. I’m using white for the icing and purple for the base, but you can choose any colors here! Warm up the blocks in your hands by kneading, then roll each flat, about 1/8 inch thickness. If it’s too thin it will break easily, and if it’s too thick it might burn or discolor in the oven later, but polymer clay is pretty forgiving so just play around with the clay until you like how it looks.


2. Using the cloud cookie cutter from The Fault in Our Stars Soap, cut out a cloud shape to create our fluffy icing. For the sprinkles, roll tiny little rolls of your other colors, then cut into small pieces like sprinkles and gently press onto your “icing.” For the bottom piece, use the butter knife to cut out your base shape, then use the back of the butter knife or a popsicle stick to make indentations like a wrapper.


3. Gently but firmly press the two pieces together, then make a hole in the top for hanging. Bake according to the instructions on your packaging and let cool. After it cools, use a ribbon or string to hang!


 Gingerbread Man Instructions:

1. For our gingerbread person, use 1 & 1/2 blocks of clay in your favorite color, and a small amount in a 2nd color for eyes, mouth and buttons. Warm up in your hands, kneading until it’s easy to roll out. I use a rolling pin, but you can also use a can or bottle if that’s handy instead. Roll out the main color into a large circle.


2. With a gingerbread man cookie-cutter, cut out  your gingerbread man. Roll out your 2nd color into enough small balls to form the eyes and as many buttons as you like, and a small log for the mouth. Press the eyes, mouth and buttons into the clay gently, but firmly. If they don’t stick as well as you’d like, you can always glue them on later after baking. Make sure to poke a hole at the top for the ribbon, then bake as instructed on your packaging. Let cool, thread your ribbon and enjoy!


Now I’m hungry!

Aren’t these candy ornaments so sweet?! I’m hanging them on my tree right now, but let me know in the comments how you’re displaying them. If you want to share your projects with me, don’t forget to tag them and credit me #DIYmas and #DIYwithAnn so I can check out all your wonderful ideas! As always, I LOOOOOVE it when you Pin or share these projects. Let’s spread #DIYmas cheer everywhere this year!