DIY Unicorn and Panda Hoodie {Halloween Costume}



Happy Fall, lovelies!  I love the colors of fall and after moving to the West Coast, I really miss watching the leaves change and fall to the ground. It’s hard to experience the season when it’s so sunny all of the time.  Fortunately for me, one of my favorite things about Fall remains–Halloween!  Nothing beats a day where we can all express ourselves creatively… you know, wear whatever you want and of course, not be judged by it (hopefully).

I wanted to make an easy DIY costume that would stand out, but can also be used beyond Halloween.  I past by Urban Outfitters and saw these awesome animal hoodies and it instantly, gave me the idea of a new “DIY”.

Here is a DIY that is a cute and creative way to make your costume this holiday.  These hoodies are seriously so adorable! Plus, you’re never limited to just a unicorn one. I’m showing you how to make a panda hoodie as well! Let your imagination go wild!




Solid color hoodie – I used white but you can use any color of your choice

Various color fleece –  Think rainbow colors

Caramel colored felt

Gold string

White fleece

Light pink felt

Hot Glue Gun



Sewing machine/thread and needle – You can use fabric glue as an alternative to sewing the materials on


1.Cut the various color fleece fabrics into foot long strips and about 1/2 to 3/4 inch wide.

2. For the ears, draw a template in the shape of a horse ear (triangular shape with curved lines for the sides).  You may also use your hand as a guide.

3. Fold the white fleece, right side in, and use your template or hand to trace out the shape of an ear.  Cut around the lines.  You want to have 2 sets of ears.

4. For each set, you will glue or sew along the curved lines of the ears, leaving the flat line open.  Turn ears outward when you are done.  Now you have a set of ears.

5. For the inside of the ears, use your finished ears and trace the shape on the light pink felt.  Cut 1/2 inch in from the traced line all around to form a smaller looking ear.  You should have two cut outs for the inner ear.

6. Place each pink felt cut out in the center of each ear and secure with hot glue.

7. Now we are moving to the mane.  For the mane, fold each colored strip in half.  Dab hot glue at the fold and glue the strip, starting mid-way on the top of the hood and going down the center seam.  For a thicker mane, glue additional layers a row at a time.  It is best to alternate the different colors to prevent one color from clustering together.

8. Moving on to the horn.  Fold the piece of caramel colored felt in half.  Cut a triangular shape starting at a corner of the base, cutting slanted upward.  Cut off the pointed top.  When you open it up, it should look like a triangle with the top cut off.

9. Starting at the top, tightly roll in the felt.  A narrow cone should start to form.  Dab hot glue along the opening and secure.

10. Using cotton or extra fabric, stuff the cone.  This will help it to hold it’s shape so it will not fall flat.

11. To close the bottom, trace a circle using the base of the cone.  Cut out the circle and glue to the bottom of your cone with hot glue.

12. Now, use the gold string and wrap it in a spiral motion around your cone.  Hint: you may tuck or glue one end to the bottom of the cone first before wrapping it around the rest of the cone.

13. Glue your finished horn to the front of the hood a the midpoint section so that it will be centered.

14. To secure the ears, you may want to try the hood on to see where you would like to place the ears.  Use a ruler to mark it, making a slit as long as the bottom line of the ears.  Cut the slit.

15. Now, fit the bottom part of the ear into the cut.  Fold the cut inward slightly and place some hot glue on the fold, secure to ear.  Repeat on the back side of ear and do the same for the other ear.

You are done! Yay!



Black felt or vinyl – I used vinyl



Hot glue and glue gun

Sewing machine or thread and needle

Circular shape objects – You’ll use these for the eyes and ears, so make sure they are different sizes


1. With a circular object, trace a circle on the black felt.  Draw a smaller circle on the inside, connecting to one side of the larger circle.  This will be the pupil.  Then, draw a rim, about 1/2 inch, around the larger circle, touching to same side the smaller circle is connected to.

2. Cut around the largest circle and then cut the area between the smallest and largest circle, making sure it is connected where the circles touched.  Use this as a template for the other eye.

3. On the same fabric, draw a nose, like that of a puppy.  Cut out.

4. Place eyes and nose where you want it on the frontal area of your hood.  Secure in place with hot glue.  Remember to leave space for the panda’s smile when placing the nose.  Draw in the smile with a sharpie.

5. For the ears, you will use the same steps for the unicorn ears, using black fleece and a circular shape to trace it out.  You do not need the pink for the inner ears, like that of the unicorn.  Trace the circular shape, cut it out and sew, leaving a small opening.  Flip the ears inside out after you finish sewing by going through the small opening.  Place where you want it on the hood.  Mark it with a ruler.  Cut an opening with scissors where you marked it.  With the opening side of ears, place it into the cut.  Fold in the cut lines of hood and glue to ears.

You should now have a cute panda hoodie!

Have fun and good luck!



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  1. Love it! The tutorial is flawless! I’m a bit skeptic about the glue gun though. Would it hold? And do you think Fabric Mod Podge would work for the fabric glue? I’m a bit out of choices because I live in the Middle East and we don’t have craft stores or anything, so my choices are limited. And it’s not like I can order anything online.
    By the way, do u mind me asking which kind of hair dye you use? I LOVE ur hair color! <3 And did you have to bleach it first to achieve the pastel color or did it fade out from hot pink to that?
    Thanks in advance!

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