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Hello Everyone!  Hope you are enjoying the last days of summer before school starts.  Here is a DIY that many of my fans have requested that will definitely come in handy as the school year is rolling in.  These DIY covers for your iPad and laptop will help to make school a lot more fun and is a great way for you to express yourself.


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Hard case for ipad/laptop.  I bought it in clear on Ebay.

Spray paint

Rubbing alcohol

Colorful gloss paper

Glitter paper

Printed pictures on high gloss paper.  I used pictures from Instagram and had them printed out at Staples.

Spray adhesive.  I used Easy Task

UV Resistant gloss coat

Craft paint

Paint tray


Clear acrylic coating


Gilded gold paint

Decoupage glue


Mosaic Design:

  1. Using a paper towel with some rubbing alcohol, wipe off any dust or oil off the surface of the cover.
  2. Next, spray on an even layer of paint (color of your choice).  I recommend spraying on at least 2 layers.  Set aside to dry.
  3. For the mosaic, use colorful gloss paper and printed pictures.  To cut out the shape for the mosaic, I used a shape puncher purchased from a local craft store.  I used a variety of different of different gloss, metallic, and glitter to add dimension and texture.
  4. Lay out your design on top of the cover.
  5. Use spray on adhesive to the back of each piece and place it where you would like.
  6. Seal with clear gloss coat.  Let dry completely before use.

Feathers Design:

  1. Clean case using paper towel and rubbing alcohol.
  2. Set up tray and brushes.  Have some water on the side.
  3. Draw out your design on a piece of paper.  I drew out some feathers, but you can be creative and draw what inspires you.
  4. Place your template under the cover and paint over the template.  I suggest practicing on a piece of paper before doing it on your cover.
  5. If you are painting feathers, use wispy, short strokes and layer on layer on different colors to add interest.
  6. Spray on clear acrylic coating.  Let dry completely before use.

Arrows Design:

  1. Clean case using a paper towel and rubbing alcohol.
  2. Using a ruler, draw arrows parallel to each other.
  3. Use gold paint and paint over the arrows.  Add glitter for more shine.
  4. Spray on clear acrylic to protect your cover.  Let dry completely before use.

Coco Chanel Design:

  1. Clean case using a paper towel and rubbing alcohol.
  2. Print out picture of perfume bottle on high gloss paper.
  3. With scissors, carefully cut out picture.
  4. Use decoupage glue on back of cut-out picture and adhere to cover.
  5. Brush on decoupage glue over picture to seal and protect your cover.  Let dry completely before use.

Good luck!  Until next time, stay inspired and be creative.

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  1. Just curious if anything has scratched off or peeled off? Do you know if this will work on a hard soft case?

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